LITG Launches Canadian Lacrosse Magazine

I am really pleased to announce the launch of Canada’s first online lacrosse magazine, appropriately called The Canadian Lacrosse Magazine.  This magazine will cover as many aspects of Canadian Lacrosse as we can muster into each jam packed issue.  We will cover the National Lacrosse League, Major Series Lacrosse, Junior Lacrosse, University Field Lacrosse, Minor Lacrosse, Masters, Women’s lacrosse and on and on. There are great interviews with the stars of todays game, features on young up and coming stars, and all kinds of great lacrosse tidbits to satisfy the most avid fan. Add to that, some of the best photographs from our own Martin Allinson of, and you will certainly see the value right away.

CLM is available online for only $7.00 (U.S.) for a yearly subscription.  There will be a minimum of 6 issues (and you know that there will be more than 6).  Subscribers will be notified upon the release of each issue.  So for less than $1.00 per issue, get your lacrosse fix right now.  To sign up and to get reading lacrosse immediately, please click the link to the right or Follow This Link.  You can subscribe securely using Paypal and you will be reading within minutes.

There is a lot more to come with the Launch of the Canadian Lacrosse Magazine, so sign up, and get in today to reap all of the rewards of having your subscription.

The first issue is ready to go, with the Buffalo Bandits Mike Accursi featured, so get yours today!

Shawn Whiteley
Gary Mark



  1. Congrats Marksy – looking forward to getting my subscription!

  2. Purchased our subscription, magazine is great!!

  3. looking forward to magazine.i hope it will be printer friendly mel

  4. Good read. Looking forward to the future editions. It will be good to get some news on the CUFLA and other field leagues as well as insight into the summer box leagues.

  5. Haven’t read the whole thing yet but the layout sure is nice. Now if only I could get a printed copy to send to Stan Shillington.


  6. I totally agree that paper copies would be the greatest – understanding the cost would be considerably higher. I’d be willing to pay $30 for a year’s sub for a glossy paper mag.

    It would sure beat paying $25 for issues of LAXMAG that never came out! (Sorry to bring up any unpleasant memories, folks!)

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