Bandits Destroy Hawks

Buffalo BanditsFriday night the Buffalo Bandits completely dismantled the Rochester Knighthawks at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo to win their third game on the young NLL season. The final score was 23-6.

Rochester KnighthawksEarly in the game the Hawks had a number of Power Plays but could score only one time on five chances in the first half of the game. The two teams traded first quarter goals before Buffalo would explode with the next six, and from there the flood gates opened.

Rochester’s Sean Evans would do his best both in the scoring and physical department. Evans scored three, assisted on another, and would tussle with the Bandits Ian Llord in the 4th quarter. Both Evans and Llord would be excused for the remainder of the game.

For the Bandits, you guessed it; Mark Steenhuis continued to dominate scoring 8 goals and adding 5 assists. I am amazed that Steenhuis seems almost unstoppable, and when he is, he has really improved his game identifying the opportunity to dish the ball off to a teammate for an assist. This guy has figured it out and in the words of a fabulous Buffalo broadcaster (the incredible Rick Jeanneret) he is “scary good”.

The win moves Buffalo to 3-0 and drops the K-Hawks to 0-2.

Other Game Notes:

– Rochester has a serious problem in goal. If Pat O’Toole is out for any extended period, they are in trouble.
– Roger Vyse scored 5 goals (2 A), Sean Greenhalgh scored his first 3 as a Bandit (2 A), and Mike Accursi had 2 goals (3 A).
– Ken Montour stopped 49 of 55 shots, the combination of Collins and Wetherup stopped 32 of 54 shots
– Buffalo was 1-3 on the PP, Rochester was 4-10
– another great turnout in the bitter cold in Buffalo. Attendance was 15,494



  1. ouch …..

    Steenhuis is one of very few guys who decides he wants to go somewhere on the floor and there’s nothing any number of defenders can do about it. I first realized this in the MSL against Brampton 2 years ago.

    Can’t stand his trash talk (and unwillingness to back it up when challenged) but, as you say, he is ‘scary good’

  2. Even though I am not a Bandits fan , I do love the game night presentation and the fact that the NLL may have the superstar they have been yearning for , this guy Steenhuis has it all ,just the kind of guy the league can employ as a poster boy . He has the swagger the looks and, an extremely gifted eye for scoring. Good for you Buffalo , the Rock and the rest of the league needs to cast its eye toward the “Jewel on the Niagara frontier”..

  3. I was rooting for Buffalo, but was APPALLED at how porous the K-Hawks’ D was! The Banditos scored, what, FOUR GOALS IN A ROW man-down? That’s what it seemed like to me. I wasn’t expecting such an abject whipping, that’s for sure.

    Two, three, four more games like this and I’m pretty sure Paul Gait will be hitting the pavement, no matter his playing pedigree…..

  4. No doubt M.S. is an amazingly gifted player who is off to a phenomenal start. I don’t think he should be used as the NLL’s poster boy, however. From what I’ve seen up close and personal in the summer, he is a dirty player. He’s a bit of a cheap shot artist who has no problem stomping on a guy’s head while they’re lying on the floor. Maybe he’ll clean up his act and realize what a star and role model he can become for the sport. He’s got so much talent – no need for him to be playing dirty.

  5. John Tavares, John Grant and other “poster boys” are just as dirty as what you claim Steenhuis to be. Not sure I follow. If you don’t like that kind of stuff go watch University field lax, it’s probably more up your alley.

  6. The amount of dirty play that goes on in the trenches is astounding. In any league. In the summer league and their smaller arenas fans are much closer to the action and as a result see much more of the action.

    As a result I don’t mind the cheapshots and nastiness in Steenhuis’ game. What I can’t stand is his consistent chirping. I understand that’s also part of the sport but when other players in the league (NLL) run their mouths, they usually have to answer to an opponent. And most times, they do.

    I have not once seen Steenhuis drop the gloves. His tactic is hit the bench for a change and let a lesser skilled teammate handle it. The lacrosse player should be man enough to fight his own battles. You want backup, play hockey.

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