This Week In Lacrosse 2009 Episode 1

Well it seems like forever, but it is back, and we are back. The NLL season kicks off tomorrow night. Ron and I got together to do our kickoff show on Friday night and it of course went a long while. So we broke the video up into four parts. Part 1 is the intro to the 2009 NLL Season. A big thanks to local band One Second Too Late for allowing us to use one of their songs in our intro for ’09.

Please note: we plan in the coming weeks to do our show at a local establishment with an audience and also with a Live webcast for all NLL fans to see and participate in. Mark Wednesday nights in your Calendars and stay tuned for more info on that moving forward.

Below is part 1:

In part two we discuss the Western Division team by team. We look at each team, their player movement and give a few thoughts for each.

Part three has us discussing the Eastern teams and what we see happening there. We went a little over out 10 minute goal so this was broken up into parts three and four:

Part four:

Part five, Ron and I give our weekly winners. We are hoping that you will join in and give us your picks as well (there is a link at the top of this page). We also give who we fee lwill represent the East and West divisions for ’09:


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