This Week In Lacrosse 2008 Year In Review

Well it has been a long while, but Ron, Wamp and I got together to wrap up the 2008 year in lacrosse. This was a very long video and had to be broken up into three parts. So here is part one of three:

[livevideo id=C2F665FA4D0D46279B34399128CAA6E2]

In part two we discuss our stories of the year, and there were a few:

[livevideo id=DE9A1184FB5A427781D6D21DCCEC4C96]

In part three, we give some thought as to a few things we see in 2009:

[livevideo id=70FC6FD5A42747EE958AC42C20BC2D05]

Check out Wampers Corner as well, as we ended this video with discussing Wamp’s latest trip.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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