2008 Fall Fun Day Schedule

The 2008 LITG Fall Fun Day takes place this Saturday October 18, with games starting at 9:00 am at Peel Street Lacrosse Box in Whitby. Below is the schedule for the day. Come on out and see Masters Co-Ed Lacrosse at its best.


Time Home Score Away Score
9:00 AM Red   Green  
9:20 AM Black   White  
9:40 AM Blue   Grey  
10:00 AM Gold   Orange  
10:20 AM Green   Black  
10:40 AM Blue   Red  
11:00 AM Gold   White  
11:20 AM Grey   Orange  
12:00 PM Lunch Lunch Lunch  
12:30 PM 1st   8th  
12:50 PM 2nd   7th  
1:10 PM 3rd   6th  
1:30 PM 4th   5th  
1:50 PM Top Ranked   Low Ranked  
2:10 PM Winner   Winner  
2:30 PM Winner 2:40   Winner 3:00  

Rankings from 1st – 8th will be done after two games using the tie breaking formula (GF/GF+GA – highest % = highest ranking).


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