John Grant Jr.

By now, everyone has to have heard the horrific events that have unfolded, possibly taking one of our games brightest stars off the lacrosse floor.  I’m referrring to an infection in John Grant Junior’s elbow, that ultimately spread to his knee, and then began to take over his body, leaving him in excruciating pain.  This was a pain that the night before game 7 of the Ontario Major Series Lacrosse Final landed him in the Hospital.  Junior never made it to game 7, and to the best of my knowledge as of this day, is still in Hospital.  

The sad reality is that we know for sure John Grant Jr. will not play in 2009. What is even more hard to grasp for us all is that he may be done for good.  But this is the selfish side of us being sports fans, and wanting to see our favorite players always playing.  I really do not think that everyone understands that this young man had a serious health concern.  John has had a number of operations since entering the Hospital, and at this point we should feel somewhat better about his well being.

I did not want to write anything here on LITG until I had the chance to get as many facts as I could. Well I have not been able to speak with John myself, but I was able to speak with his parents John (Sr.) and Louise via email messages. With their permission, I have shared with you some thoughts from Juniors parents:

Hi Gary

We are finally just getting around to answering some of the many e-mails we received with well-wishes for John Jr. Thanks!

We spoke to him today and were pleasantly surprised to hear that his frame of mind is very good. He is now looking ahead to exploring what other contributions he can make to the sport he loves besides playing. The Knighthawks/Rattlers organization is treating him with great respect and as parents, we really appreciate that. They have assured him that he still has a job. Also, Adidas has been very helpful to his peace of mind by assuring him that his position with them is still secure.

This has been a very serious and frightful situation for our family and we are very lucky that our son is such a strong individual both in body and in spirit. You learn a lot from something like this and as it is said, there is always a little silver lining to every cloud. John has a great many detractors, but even most of them seemed to rally for him over the past few weeks. The ones that didn’t aren’t worth worrying about. The many, many friends and fans that supported John, and even the rest of his family, will not be forgotten. The many players that came to visit him at his bedside in the hospital were a Godsend, especially the 3 that kept vigil with him the night he was taken down to surgery to have the acl removed. We thank God for them as they kept his spirits up for those awful hours pre-surgery and stayed and wept with the rest of us after he was wheeled away. For an athlete, the body is the tool of his trade. He understands it and knows exactly what it will do for him. To lose this control is devastating and nobody understood this better than these 3 men who were buddies, fellow players and opponents of Johns–most of all dear friends.

As one of those people, Gary, those who wished him well, we thank you very much. Keep up the good work you are doing for our sport.


John and Louise Grant

 As a parent of two sons that play this wonderful game, I cannot imagine watching either one of them go through an ordeal like this.

John and Louise, I thank you for sharing the current news with all of us, and as I’ve stated publicly and on forums; I only hope one day we can see Junior’s magic on the floor once again.  But if we cannot, I am confident we will see him in many other areas of the game.



  1. Thanks for sharing this info,Gary! Here’s hoping that John has a speedy recovery and is back on the floor as soon as possible.

  2. Thanks to Sr for the update and best wishes to JR.
    Two great ambassadors of the game.

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