Oh Canada, Help A Lacrosse Guy Out Would You?

A friend of mine and an all round great guy needs a little bit of our help. For those that have heard, “Hockey Night In Canada” is holding a competition for a new intro to their Saturday night games.

Dan Clancy (http://danclancy.com/) is the lead singer of the Canadian Super group Lighthouse. Dan also has played and supported the game of lacrosse for many, many years. Many Toronto Rock fans might remember Dan as the voice of the National anthem at Rock games in the glory years.

But for Dan, the microphone has proven to be a much better tool than the lacrosse stick was (maybe just a little). Dan has sent in two entries to the contest and is looking for our support to help him win. I’ve pasted below two links to the two different entries that Dan sent in.

I’ve listened to both and will comment that I think both are very cool. The first is a rocky number while the second is strictly instrumental. I have to say that while I was listening to the instrumental I had visions of me blazing down the ice, with the long hair flowing, and scoring a goal (it is very up tempo, almost inspirational if you will). Hey, I guy can dream can’t he (about the ability and the hair)?

In any case, please check these two entries out and support Dan.

Dan Clancy Entry One

Dan Clancy Entry Two

Best of luck Dan.



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