2008 Mann Cup Game Four Live Updates

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  2008 Mann Cup    
  Game Four Tuesday Sept 9/08    
  Powerade Center    
  Brampton, Ontario    
  . Period Final
  Officials:  Gardonio, Pepper Time 0:00
Brampton Excelsiors Score 9
Goals Shots 47
1  Wilson – (Sanderson, Manning)    
2  Dawson    
3  Dawson – J Sanderson, Cosmo)  3:26  
4  Shattler – (Cosmo) 12:28   
5  Manning (sh) – (B Merrill, Wilson)  17:01   
6  Teat – (J. Sanderson, Doyle)    
7  Manning (PP) – (J Sanderson, Dawson)  3:39  
8 Doyle – (D. Dawson, Shattler)  7:20  
9 B Merrill – (D Dawson, Doyle)  12:57   
New WestminsterSalmonbellies Score 6
    Shots 47
1  Manning – (D Morgan) 8:09   
2  Floris 13:23   
3  Smith – (P Morgan, McBride)    
4  Gill – (McBride, P Morgan) 18:38   
5  P Morgan (PP) – (Crompton, McBride)  6:42  
6  N Gajic – (Gill, P Morgan)  15:58  
  Latest Update    


  1. I love the ‘Bellies retro jersies

  2. They’ve been playing the alternate system since they got Roik, it gives opposing teams a different look each game. It’s like having a lefty and a righty pitching in baseball on alternate, it messes up the hitters. Richards I think is still considered the #1 out of the 2. Roik is great insurance for us.

  3. They remind me of the years when they were in Brooklin playing the Redmen

  4. I just got home from work and it says 2-1 for the Bellies but no goal scorers showing for NW??? Is this true? What is the score? Please help me out, I have not figured out a way to pay the bills on lacrosse yet!

  5. colin doyle or cosmo

  6. cosmo for mvp!

  7. Watchin’ the Excellerators from New York City.

  8. lee from calgary

  9. wamper where is your redmen sweater?that one you are wearing is not right.are you a traitor?1946 lakeshores

  10. Yes and other ‘Bellies teams of the past in the ’80’s that had Rod Bannister and Shawn Quinlan and even when we had Doug Zack and Rick mang

  11. Go, Bellies!

    Is it my imagination or are there really some fans cheering for the Bellies out there at the Powerade?

  12. wamp i know Ted Sawicki played with brookyln did he win any mann cups?

  13. I think it’s a shame that the Green gaels aren’t a Jr.”A” team anymore, I played against them in the 2000 Founder’s Cup in Carlington, and they were good. They won it all beating the Iroquos team and i’ll tell you they would have beat BC Jr.”A” teams thats how good they were. Gotta get them back, they are a staple of Jr.”A” lacrosse history and the greatest EVER in jr. winning 7 straight Minto’s

  14. larry. if there is a game tomorrow night[i very much doubt it]wear a barrie lakeshore sweater.good luck.see you next year

  15. yes there is but not to many…..just us bellie fans….

  16. do you know if the mcbride on this team is related to andrew mcbride?

  17. No relation to Andrew, he’s from Delta and played Jr. in NW, Jordan is born and raised in NW.

  18. No they are not related, However Andrew did play his jr on the jr bellies.
    Andrew is from Delta

  19. I don’t think the two McBrides are brothers (they grew up in different cities in the Lower Mainland). I don’t know if they’re cousins though.

  20. from video site by beerhunterslax 1 hours ago

    side note .. gibson has won jr b jr a sr b sr a and a NLL title which is 5

  21. that was beerhunterlax from the video feed site wrote it ..

  22. How about a Whitby Steelhawks jersey of the old NLL? I had a hat from Sid Vilneff

  23. gary telll jake with the nick beerhunterlax to write who gibson was.. he wrote it on th feed site. not me

  24. Wamper, this is a story I just recently heard of and I wonder if you know it…there was a non-ontario or BC team that was awarded the Mann Cup, but it doesn’t show up anywhere in the record books. Do you know the team?

  25. you guys should announce your email address more often. (or direct people to the website). took me a while to find this place.

  26. Oh, I just read about that team. They were from Calgary, but the win got taken away. I think I read about it on Wikipedia (so who knows how true it is?). I’ll try to find the link.

  27. how about ontario radiers jersey..

  28. i think you should show the scoreboard after each goal. just for a second or two.

    (just my opinion)

  29. Wamper you can wear any jersey from the West except and Adanac jersey.

  30. I agree, Ken.

    Barb (not an Adanacs fan)

  31. 1914…Vancouver beat the Calgary Chinooks but then the Mann Cup trustees found that Vancouver used some pros and awarded the Cup to Calgary. But Vancouver refused to give up the trophy to either Calgary or the trustees, and went into the books as the champs. By the way, Vancouver also beat the Excelsiors that year.

    Keep up the good work fellows…I’ll chip in a fiver after the game

  32. Is Westwood playing for New West?

  33. i really appreciate you guys broadcasting this for us… it’s awesome.

    i work with video conferencing and broadcasting. if there is anything you guys need help with to make this a better/higher-quality feed for next time, let me know.

  34. Hey Keith, I think they could use your help now!! I’ve lost them

  35. What’s the score? We lost you for a while…

  36. hey george believe it or not I found a niagara falls? gamblers jersey I also found aDETROIT TURBOS!!! jersey on a clearence rack at sportschek a few years ago!!

  37. hey were niagara falls the american team that won?? or were they just in the finals??

  38. was it puprle???

  39. the turbos jersey i meant…

  40. hey wamp …my buddy is from o ville and he says his favorite player when he was a kid..70s?? was kip reddik? or something like that redding??

  41. get em ilya..

  42. yep purple turbos for about 5 bucks!!! wtf??

  43. i hated those colours but the only team i had at that level to cheer for.. not to mention most of the team i watched growing up..

  44. by beerhunterslax 29 minutes ago

    dean gibson he used to play for the rock ad won with he wellinton aces and the orangeville northmen and senior with brampton i think jr b no idea

  45. goooooo wamper

  46. didn’t buffalo have a team at the same time as the turbos??

  47. still do he bandits…

  48. Thanx 4 the coverage guys I had a great time despite watching my ‘Bellies lose 4 straight. You guys did great! see you next season at QPA, we will be back!!! Brampton was a bit better than us but the experience for the guys is good, now they’ll learn what it takes to become Champions. Take care

  49. thats not fair cosmos euipment should’va won it!!! right tj

  50. That’s just salt in the wound with Cosmo winning MVP as he was a Salmonbellie draft pick

  51. hey guys don’t forget about paypal!!as soon as my paycheck goes through I will be donating

  52. supposedly victoria has josh’s rights and I heard he may be coming back west again..

  53. Who were the players of the game?

  54. supposedly a 5 hour drive.. if you are allowed in the states!!!

  55. if u r still reading I am pretty sure there a few locals who go to portlands home games and if u book early w westjet they have some great deals ..p.s. I always look for the league to schedule cal edm fri sat or sun games to have a lax weekend..last year was perfect as the league also had the all star game on a back to back weekend but ..

  56. Thanks for doing these games guys you did a great job. The historic facts and stories were great to listen to as well.

  57. Thanks for the coverage, guys!

    Here’s to the Bellies’ 25th Mann Cup win, next year on the wooden floor in Queen’s Park Arena–with the stands full of fans!

  58. Ted Sawicki was on the 1988 Mann Cup Champion Brooklin Redmen. You could have gone to the BIBLE of lacrosse at wamper.exocomm.com and look up Ted’s career stats. There is also a tape of the 1988 Mann Cup finals where Ted plays and rushes down the floor and almost scores a goal. Marksy has it somewhere here on his pile of information.,


  59. Congats guys you both know that I am sick with jealousy about having to miss all the games because of work , but I am so happy that you and the site made such an effort to get the games out there to the fans. I dont know if any one missed me , but I can tell everyone that I sure missed them and the Mann Cup . Oh well, just like the players I unfortunatley have a full time job too that has to be attended to . Up next the NLL and all the hoopla that goes with it Go LITG Go !!!

  60. how about the total stats for all 4 mann cup games?

  61. Hey Mel,

    Check out the wrap up post that I did :


    About half way through there is the link. It is right above the “Other Game Notes” that is bolded.

  62. gary. also your articles on ask the pros and lacrosse heroes is fabulous.but my typing is not

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