2008 Mann Cup Game Three Live Updates

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  2008 Mann Cup    
  Game Three Monday Sept 8/08    
  Powerade Center    
  Brampton, Ontario    
  . Period Final
  Officials: Fox, Martin Time 0:00
Brampton Excelsiors Score 7
Goals Shots 41
1  Doyle – (J Sanderson, P. Merrill) 7:22   
2  Dawson (PP)- (Sanderson, Doyle)  16:30  
3  J Sanderson (PP)-(D Dawson,Manning  18:19  
4  P Merrill – (Shattler, Teat)  5:57  
5  Doyle – (Manning, Dawson)  6:56  
6  Merrill (unassisted) 12:02   
7  Manning – (unassisted) 12:31   
New WestminsterSalmonbellies Score 3
    Shots 38
1  P Morgan – (McBride, Crompton)    
2  Crompton – (Smith) 12:19   
3  Crompton – (Gill, Smith)  3:02  
  Latest Update    


  1. I can Smell the Wamper and that Jersey from here!…Pheww…

  2. Hey, Salmonbellies are gonna make a comeback in the series tonight.

  3. still no video just audio.

  4. there we go

  5. Nice Goal!!!

  6. Go Bellies! Woo hoo!

  7. Little Dylan Downey says “Yeah Bellies”!!!

  8. Great job Marksy and crew!!

  9. Nice Jersey!!!!!

  10. thanks again marksy … you guys are doing a great job

  11. watching in windsor

  12. wamp? how many non-ontario born or bc players have won the mann cup and american born . just thought i would ask.. you might not know..

  13. just a question, not triva ..

  14. Just to let you know watching from Halifax, NS. Thanks so much for the live feed… otherwise no way to see it at all!

  15. great coverage boys, nice to see the game on the tube

  16. 257 viewers.

  17. Thanks for this folks. Still at the office and just checked in to see it is a tight game. Go Bellies.

  18. another Mann Cup winner from outside Canada…Harry Green of the 1938 A’s was from the Rochester NY

  19. Marksy,

    What is up with the crowd….or lack there of? Are the lines at the snack bar that long?

  20. ok i asked a question that got them thinking .. lets hear some questions or triva for wamp.

  21. Guys

    I am sure you remember Mann’s in the Luther Vipond where 400 could sound like 4000 with those bangin on the boards at the tops of the stands. That place was packed and the embiance has never been topped in my opinion.

  22. So were both those goals a result of wrong 30-second calls?

  23. You guys are doing great! Thanks for making me feel like I am there! Go Excels!!

  24. Terrible refereeing as per usual, as a former ref these guys look silly out there. How obvious is it when a shot doesn’t hit the goalie and they should know the shot clock is running down and have the awareness to notice the clock was re-set. Bad calls like that change momentum and Championships get lost off of bad reffing. There has to be better refs for our game especially at the National Finals, no wonder BC hasn’t won a Mann Cup since the ’86 Bellies.

  25. Not from the west, Kitchener

  26. go excelsiors!

    from calgary.

  27. Game 2 of the WLA finals against Coquitlam had equally shoddy reffing. The Bellies still won, though.

    Go Bellies!

    We lost you again, Marksy…

  28. did u seethis ? by marty on the other site. Here’s a trivia question for you…how many guys playing in this series were selected in yesterday’s NLL draft?

  29. i remember in the 2002 mann cup in brmapton fox made one of the worst calls i have ever seen. roik made the save, foxy blew the play dead, ob kirkby went to pick the ball up from roiks pads, bobled it, and it went int he net, foxy counted it as a goal!!

    not sure when he’s going to figure out that the game is not about him

  30. who’s rules do they follow for the mann cup? MSL rules as it is being hosted there? or do they switch up between WLA and MSL?

  31. Who was scratched tonight?

  32. they meet before the series starts, head coaches n commisioners, to decide what rules they will use. in the end they use some wla rules and some mls rules

  33. CLA rules for Mann Cup always

  34. for example, in the WLA you can cross the lines on a face off, we have back over while on offense (even strength)

  35. There is back over all the time in WLA and during a face-off it’s the same as the NLL

  36. thats my point, i dont think there is back over on offense in the east ken. and during the face off the players are supposed to stay behind the lines until the ball is out of the little cirlce

  37. How have the 50/50 draws been? we had over $1000 for the WLA finals in N-dub in a full rink

  38. Bennett was on 1 year probation from the fire department and couldn’t play starting last season in the play-offs. It sucked because Bennett is the teams hardest worker and a great TEAM guy.

  39. there was an ed mcgaffey from windsor warlocks and th detroit turbos

  40. 50/50 was $1400 both Friday and Saturday

  41. i think thats three games that he actually played in. but he dressed ever since the trade deadlin at july 1

  42. You don’t ACTUALLY have to play you can take warm-up, have your name on the sheet and do the intro’s and then go shower and play a man short all game to get around it, hell how do you think John Grant Jr. played in Mann Cup 2005

  43. Dawson was lucky, Cliff might be the best all around player in the WLA, and one of the best fighters. He had the fight of the year with Luke Wiles at QPA this year and he killed Wiles.

  44. haha. come on ken…. yes he knocked wiles down, but luke got right back up…..
    really wanted to see westwood vs gajic

  45. i agree with you 100% the refs changed the momentum on that BLOWN CALL!!

  46. thanks again guys, ill be waiting for tomorrows game. come on bellies…. you’r due

  47. maybe one day lacrosse will be like street ball, cal your own fouls, that way they cant affect the game like they did tongiht

  48. Yup, you’re right, Ken. But the Bellies have pulled through lousy calls before. Why not this time? They’re just not themselves. They’re letting things get to them.

  49. Hey Ken, Grant did not need to paly any games to qualify for he Mann in 2005, or in any other year. There is no minimum number of games for the Mann Cup. In 2005, Grant tried the warmup and game sheet route but the Ontario lax bosses said no way and Grant was not, repeat not elegible for the Ontario playoffs.

  50. “…..how do you think John Grant Jr. played in Mann Cup…..”

    Gamesheet and warmup? I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even in Peterborough at least one of the four nights!

    OLA barred him from their playoffs, but as someone else pointed out, the Mann Cup didn’t have a minimum and he played

  51. Surprised no one here had anything to say about RIchards’ save on I believe Dan Dawson. I was sitting in line with the shot and all of a sudden there was a stick where the empty net was. Save of the year if you ask me. Too bad it was in a losing effort. I honestly thought it would’ve been a game changer.

    Agreed though, Fox shouldn’t be an official. I live in Brampton and attend a lot of games. It’s hard to remember one where he HASN’T blown something.

  52. Shout out to good old eastern guy,ex oshawa green Gael,ex teammate,Fred Greenwood.Fred came to New Westminster to play with us,Salmonbellies,and made alot of Friends.Just heard he put on a barbeque for the Bellies on Sunday at his home.What the hell did you put in the beer Freddie?I thought after the 8-5 then 6-5 scores they were sure to win the next game.Bellies are to good a team to lose 4 straight,or was the league just to weak this year back West.Hummmm,Didn’t notice any familar names in the top of the scoring race.To many other leagues screwing up the WLA.iS WATERED DOWN TO MUCH.And whats up with the attendance,1800 people in the Mann Cup Final,disgracefull.IThey should make it mandatiory to play all finals in Peterborough and New Westminster.Ofcourse I’m not serious but what the hell is there to do in Brampton,you’d think the place would be sold out.Way to go Freddie,you’ve still got class.Hope the guys win atleast one for your hospitality.

  53. I have followed the Bellies for the last 50 years having grown up within shouting distance of Queen’s Park Arena.

    The Bellies have a strong tradition of winning important games… I’m thinking of Bionda, Parnell, Sepka, Barclay, Ed Goss, Dean, etc

    I believe the current team can create some suprise in Brampton!

    Go for it guys.

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