2008 Mann Cup Game Two Live Updates

I will be attempting to do a live webcast tonight. Please understand, it may not be perfect, but I’m doing the best we can. It will likely get interrupted (it seems to happen every time I pause the camera). Check it out at:


  2008 Mann Cup    
  Game Two    
  Powerade Center    
  Brampton, Ontario    
  . Period Final
  Officials:  Time 0:00
Brampton Excelsiors Score 6
Goals Shots 44
1  Teat – Merrill, Cosmo 7:44   
2  Teat – Doyle 2:00   
3  Doyle – Manning, Shattler  2:13  
4 Wilson – Doyle 4:51   
5 Manning – Dawson  12:51  
6 Manning – Hominuck 5:39   
New WestminsterSalmonbellies Score 5
    Shots 46
1 Smith – Gill 2:30   
2  Gajic – Floris 6:24  
3  Hall – P. Morgan, Snider 6:01   
4  Gajic – (unassisted) 15:06   
5  Morgan (ea) – McBride   19:39  
  Latest Update    


  1. It’s live, and it’s awesome. The audio is fine, Marksy (just heard you asking about that so I thought I’d let you know).

  2. where did you go lol

  3. I dont have any thing to look at here except for the mascot

  4. cool got you back

  5. i think they are having a few problems

  6. lost it again

  7. i agree with u jeff

  8. Well, we missed the first goal, but yay, Bellies!

  9. where can you get the game live? i just got on!

  10. thanks again Marsky again litg is the best damn lacrosse site.. great job wamper and gary.. well more wamp on commentry.

  11. ill ya is how you say it


  13. go roiker what did I say???

  14. why isnt nenad playing for new west

  15. gary my mom said wamp is really good and your commentry is the same as you play. a few flurris evey once in awhile.. lol go cougars..

  16. the bellies are a very young team but this team has the makings of a team that can win it for many years to come they might not do it this year but the experience for the guys will be great

  17. since they got roik they have been alternating goalies every game

  18. your doing a great job thanks again from everyone out on the west coast this is great

  19. Glad you guys have made the effort to give the left coast the games. I heard your comments about the attendance and terryhhh and I were on the phone about that earlier. Too bad.

  20. You guys are doing a great job and we appreciate it tremendously out here in the West!!
    And we all know you are not professionals, simply based on one of you saying “huh?” on air… LOL!! It’s all good, I think everyone is happy just to see some footage…
    FYI – ILIJA’s last name is one syllable only. Not Gai-itch, say them together, like GAITCH… and his bro is NE-Nad, not NA-Nad… lol… keep up the footage, we honestly don’t care what you say!! Ha ha ha!! Go Bellies!!

  21. funny note ..I just went into my other room to watch nhl classic boston vphiladelphia 1974 and the announcer said on monday the nll comes to town when the philadelphia wings take on john fergusons montreal ??? didn’t catch the rest but I assume john grant sr was on that team or later in the 70s??

  22. you guys are hilarious!!! a few beer and we laugh at anything…

  23. Can you do us a favour and yell “Go Bellies” really loudly?

  24. I never want to hear either of you talking about taking your shirts off again!!

    p.s. – it was the beer WE are drinking, not what YOU are drinking and Wayne Goss is GOD!!!

  25. Go Bellies!!! what lame fan support in brampton, come to QPA next year and see it FULL!!!

  26. Hey Ken, the Mann Cup in 2009 will be in Victoria.

  27. Downey, you rock buddy!! I am bringing beer to your house, put the kid to bed… ha ha ha!!

  28. I bet you the 178 people are all Bellie fans here in New West!! Let’s step it up boys and have a victory tonight!

  29. If this series goes to a 7th game we will have to put the game on the big screen at my wedding so all the old Bellies like Shawn Quinlan, Andy Ogilvie, Eric Cowieson, Rod Bannister and all us other Bellies fans can watch the game. I’d almost like to re-route my honeymoon from Aruba to Brampton, lol. Time for the ‘Bellies to go on a run

  30. Thanx guys for the congrats, I hope we get the Mann Cup next season as I am the ‘Bellies PA guy, it would be fun!!!

  31. Yes, younger brother

  32. yes bobby snides is big g s bro

  33. yes he’s Geoff’s younger bro, he won a minto with bby as well

  34. hey wamp u shoulda bought a piece of the old floor I did!!

  35. Geoff remains on the A’s list, but did not play.

  36. four

  37. 4 games

  38. nope geoff stayed in denver where they lost to brodie colin john grant jordan hall brent bucktooth? and zwicki prout to name a few

  39. four games to qualify for playoffs that is

  40. I’ll click on a few ads, so you can get paid for your time and efforts 🙂

  41. thats it. just 4 games guys

  42. But, there is no minimum number of games to qualify for the Mann Cup.

  43. hey t.j. did ilya steal that move from u?? lol

  44. u take paypal marksy??

  45. Patti just came to my place and the speakers I have don’t work, so I’m listening on my headphones and I’m not getting any sound now, is it just me or are you having sound difficulties

  46. any word why nenad gajic is not playing

  47. I have sound Ken. Say hi to Patti

  48. Game three – 9 to 5 for the Bellies

  49. Thanks for the great coverage, guys!

  50. Again, thanks for this guys. The west appreciates the work. Just a suggestion, why not try a couple of wobbly pops before the netcast starts? Works at this end.

  51. once again guys thank you sooooooo much for the webcast…

  52. Ya its all about game three- time for a turn around

  53. well too little too late but hey this is why they play best of 7, anything can happen. Thanx for the coverage again guys, talk to you in a couple days.

  54. Thanks guys

  55. Send a note to terryhhh. He seems to know where to get jerseys.

  56. Enjoyed the game down here in New Brunswick! A big thank you for giving us to oppurtunity to see the game!

  57. actually mr downey works for the bellies they sell them at q p or just haul one off of bubbas” back!!!

  58. Hey terry what do I need to haul off Bubba’s back?

  59. Thanks for doing game 2 and the game one clips. Any chance of being able to see Game 3 on a tape delay for those of us in the West.

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