2008 Mann Cup Game One Live Updates

  2008 Mann Cup     
  Game One    
  Powerade Center    
  Brampton, Ontario    
  . Period Final
  Officials: Gardonio, Martin Time 0:00
Brampton ExcelsiorsGoalie: Cosmo Score 8
Goals   Shots 33
1 Hominuck – P. Sanderson 9:36   
2 Teat – Doyle 7:54  
3 Manning(sh) – Shattler, P.Sanderson 6:02  
4 Doyle –  Manning 5:00   
5 Dawson (sh) –  Shattler 16:58  
6 Teat – Doyle    16:04   
7 Hominuck – Dawson, B Merrill  10:18   
8 Hominuck – (unassisted)  9:16   
  New WestminsterSalmonbelliesGoalie: Richards Score 5
    Shots  39
1 Smith – Hall, Floris  0:38  
2 McBride(PP) – Hall, Smith  6:44   
3 Smith (PP) – Hall, Gill 16:53   
4 McBride – Gill, Floris  8:45   
5 Floris – Smith, 5:52   
  Latest Update    
Scratches:  Brampton     
  30 Carlson, 12 McClure, 19 J Sanderson, 20 Codd, 25, Campbell, 39 Holmes     
 Scratches: New Westminster     
  1 Tessarolo, 8 C. Manning, 10 N Gajic, 18 Richardson, 41 Snider, 66 McEwen     


  1. Thanks for the updates . Too bad Rogers will not broadcast the games here in Ottawa

  2. It is 7:55 p.m. Has the game started ?

  3. How come there is no live refresh every 120 seconds? Too bad this series isn’t televised, this is going to be better lacrosse than the NLL. Go ‘Bellies bring the Mann Cup back home where it belongs.

  4. No kidding. This is a rather slow way to follow a game but it’s better than no coverage at all. Go Bellies!

  5. What is the score ? What period are we in ?

  6. how often does this refresh

  7. As often as I can update it. Just hit refresh on your browser, it does not do it automatically.

  8. exellent thanks – is it a physical game ? Do you know what Nenad Gajic is not playing ?

  9. not too physical so far other than the scrap. Even it wasn’t a doozy. Bellies started well, had a number of shots early, but Cosmo shut the door.

    Richards also started well making big saves early. Brampton went on a bit of a run with all 4 first period goal in just over 4 1/2 minutes.

    Not a very good crowd here which is a shame.

    I will be grabbing some video and post it later tonight after the game. If you guys want, I will also post some comments after the 2nd period, let me know.


  10. Definitely post comments. I can’t wait to see the videos. Wish I were there.

  11. Yes please post a summary. Cosmo is an excellent goalie. Bellies will have to step it up

  12. Ok, still trying to find out about Gajic and J Sanderson not playing…..

    2nd just starting….

  13. thanx litg !!!!!can’t believe canadian lax is still being held together by the hardcore fans with hardly any help from canadian govt orsports networks other than rogers local..someone pleeeease record it for us westerners I pay c.o.d. a.s.a.p. to se it cheers terry h

  14. hey marksy, thanks for all the updates buds. who scrapped? lot of chirping? Go bellies!

  15. who got in the scrap??

  16. teedy you beauty!!

  17. no not really any chirpping at all…..scrap was B Merrill and Westwood

  18. Go Bellies Go!!! Please keep us updated, it’s a shame we can’t view the game on T.V., but at least this way we know the score. It would be great if you posted a summary. Is it on any of the radio stations, if so, which one??

  19. On behalf of the BCLA & WLAThanks for doing this.

    Sohen Gill BCLA President

  20. Why doesn’t the CLA, BCLA, WLA, MLL, and OLA jointly fund coverage of this ? Same for Minto – include AB for the funding.

  21. westy your boy is tryin to spark the bellies. PG DUDES!!! gotta love em.

  22. hey tj email me got a funny story about mike henderson..

  23. thats my bro gotta love the kid lets go bellies!!!

  24. 2nd is over. A much better peiod for New West although it didn’t start out that great.

    they had a two man advantage and scored once, almost got the second, but again Cosmo stoned them. They got a 4 mimute PP right at the end of the period (B Merirll – CFB), that has 3:32 left going into the third.

    Neither teams PP is doing a great job. When they lose posession the man short on both teams is pretty much killing the balance of penalty time.

    No rough stuff i nthe 2nd, but some good hits.

  25. Actually g westwood, i jsut saw your comment, and yes, he was having a good chuckle running to the box. It was neat to see players having fun out there 🙂

  26. haha yeah he’s just doing a job

  27. Bubba’s cool! And it’s great having a guy named Bubba on the team 🙂

  28. If it was in Peterborough it would be SOLD OUT !!

  29. Greg – you are right…although there are more here now than at the start.

  30. 3rd just starting

  31. come on bellies!!! Have they picked up any other players?? maybe conn or iannucci?? lol.I remember coquitlam grabbed ted dowling from a senior b team one year..

  32. HHH dont think i have your email anymore. hit me up

    and bubba laughs all the time, just lke his big brother jorge

    ilija needs to step up and does the the bellies D

  33. The game is on TV But not in Ottawa ((

  34. grocery shopping while picking up scores on the phone – isn’t technolgy wonderful!
    But its especially great that you are willing to do this for us! Thanks L.I.T.G.
    (DHCS – Treasurer, BCLA)

  35. Are there many Bellies at the game?

  36. terryhhh@canada.com

  37. The game is only on locally in Brampton here (which I don’t get).

    No, there are not many New West fans here…..

    Thanks for the comments Dave.

  38. This is killing me!!!! I can’t watch it on TV and it’s our National Sports, Major National Championship. Shame on everyone in TV in Canada and shame on the CLA for not putting this on TV and making it a HUGE deal. Thank you for your coverage of the Mann Cup it really means a lot to us out here in NW. Next season it will be in QPA on the wood floor….or as we call it a REAL lacrosse floor, not turf.
    Go Bellies lets cue the comeback!!!

  39. Good scrap between Westwood and P Dawson, and I jsut got it all on video…..

  40. wicked i need that footage!!

  41. i live about an hour from here, so about 2 hours after the game it willl lbe up

  42. getting a little rough now, i’m gonna tape some more….

  43. Thx for the coverage Marksy. Can’t we fly someone out there with a video cam and upload it to the web so that we can pick this up out West. Marksy, you could provide colour commentary!

  44. Awesome can’t wait to see it….mind you where’s the old traditional bench clearer in most Mann Cups? i.e. NW vs Brooklyn every time they met in the Cup

  45. it is pretty brutal that it – the game and highlights – are not on tv or webcast.

    Put LAX on TV: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=116203751#/group.php?gid=2251055118

    look forward to a game recap. thanks marksy. hope it’s a good series. go ‘bellies.

  46. I agree with Ken Downey . The Championship series for Our National Summer sport is being played right now and the press ignores it . The CLA has failed to promote the game .

  47. go bellies!!

  48. Ilya not on the scoreboard? Peter Morgan? What up?

  49. we need video..thanks for the up dates it’s better than nothing …i would like to see the game

  50. Gajic is playing a great game, just not on the board. He’d killed a few Brampton Power Plays himself.

    Ken, I rememeber a few of those Mann Cups you talk about…..

    Malfunctioning shot clock right now, so I have a rest…..

  51. Thanks for the update on Ilya.

  52. What about Pete Morgan, any thoughts Marksy?

  53. Marksy, easy way to watch live is a laptop, firewire cable, video camera and internet access. Set up an account on Ustream.com and fans can watch it live. Thanks for the live updates.

  54. thanks for the updates – will tune in for the next game. Go Bellies!! Wayne Goss

  55. I’ve got the camera, the laptop, and the Internet, got to get the firewire cable though. Video1, fire me an email and I will look into that for tomorrow night…..

    Bones, Morgan had five shots, nothing came of them.

    I will have a write up in about 2 hours with video

  56. I think the ‘Bellies forgot what losing was this hurts but we’ll be back tomorrow. Thanx for the coverage Marksy.

  57. tough loss for the boys. came out firing then it woluld seem like the emotions got the best of them for a while and let the Excels grab a lead that they wouldnt relinquish.

    leave in the room boys, tomorrow is a new night!

    go bellies

    thanks marksy. cant wait to see the highlights

  58. players of the game?

  59. Ken, the game has changed significantly over the years. It’s much more techinical now and the majoritiy of players are more skilled then players of the past. as a result, there is seldom a bench clearing brawl in the mann cup. A lot of players are strictly goal scores, and never have to drop the mits, as it would hurt there team. however, the lacrosse is much faster and better now, in my opinion. You shouldn’t be making comments about brawls safely in front of your computer screen. kudos to all these guys in the cup. i’m sure it will be great. brawl or no brawl.

    And, thanks again for providing this for us out west marksy. This is definitely better than nothing.

  60. New West – Smith
    Brampton – D Dawson

    Players of the game…

  61. I doubt the cla ,)ola(msl or wla has the cash neede to provide tv coverage.. Can u imagine the cost of flying, housing ,feeding ,transporting etc at least 20 people for a week to 10 days??Un- fortunately there is a bit of money spent on the couple of stars every year that probably could pay for a few cameras ( mine broke sh)t) and a website or two; or maybe local cable channels that could show the games on tape delay?? I think we all as fans ,execs, players etc should bang our heads together to have a game of the week. I am pretty sure in ontario they already have it on rogers junior games as well maybe next year??

  62. Thanks for the great coverage, Marksy. See you tomorrow!

    Go, Bellies, go!

  63. This is the next best thing to being there or watching it. Thanks Marksy, really appreciate your prompt replies and analysis.

  64. Great coverage , Go Bellies Go !

  65. Thats our Bubba !

  66. Way to go Brampton. Tell the Salmonbellies they are in Excelsior country now.
    Won’t be as easy out here.
    25-1 is impressive but how good are the teams out West?
    Better players are in the East.
    Brampton in 5.

  67. Unfortunately I had to work this evening (and tomorrow :() but reading the updates and comments got me caught up. Thanks again Marksy. Awesome work!

  68. Hey Steve you are right, but you also have 3 times the population to pick from !

  69. lol steve you might think the better players are out east but you will see when its all said and done the mann cup will be back out west

  70. Very true Fergie.
    I’m not bashing the Bellies.
    I just know what Brampton can do.
    I haven’t missed a home game in 6 years.
    Been to Peterborough, Barrie, Brooklin(Whitby), & Six Nations to watch the Excelsiors.
    What can I say, I was born and raised in Brampton and played 10 yrs.
    My Father 20. He was in the Mann cup twice, but lost, but he did win the Minto Cup in 1959 and is in the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame.

  71. We will see for sure Bryce.
    Lacrosse is not a laughing matter.
    It,s a real mans sport.
    I’ve been trying to turn my friends on to lacrosse and see what it is all about.
    Best sport in my books.

  72. got to go with steve o on this one ;brampton is S -T -A -C -K -E- D!!One of the best teams ever !!(top twenty at least..)wouldn,t be penny??

  73. I may be onto something here with a live webcast for tonight…..I will update in a while.


  74. You might want to try http://www.rogerstv.com Choose the region (Brampton) I believe you can watch the game from here.


  75. Steve O and terryhhh…R U kidding me – one of the best teams ever. Did you just start watching box lacrosse this year. No doubt Brampton is strong, they are in the Mann Cup. but this was only the first game. The Bellies will come out strong tonight and show the easterner’s how to play LAX..stay tuned big guy

  76. just a comment on the cheap shot high sticks that NW dished out.
    Brampton will walk away from that stuff, for now. They are well coached and disiplined. But when it comes times to get even,
    Watch out!
    Mark my words..
    It won’t be pretty.
    You may even get to see that brawl that some people have mentioned.
    I feel for NW cause they don’t have a clue what they are getting into.
    there will be a few Salmonbellies get hurt.

    thanx for your comment Terry.
    You must have seen Brampton play.
    Wait til you see them fight. As a team
    Thanx for coming NW.

  77. FYI bellie nation: I did not say they were one of the best teams ever and no i didnt start watching lacrosse this year. if you would read carefully before you comment on things then you might know.
    i have watched box lacrosse for a long time.
    my Father is in the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame.
    But you wouldn’t know that.
    You don’t read.
    Have a good 1.
    looking forward to tonight’s game.

    Cya soon Bellie lovers.

  78. The ClA would love to put this on TV but the TV’s don’t want it and they charge $70,000 to do it. you shoul dbe sending in your protest to the networks not the CLA, BCLA, OLA,,,,

  79. Thanks Steve – by the way read your post again – you did say one of the best teams ever. Yes i read all about your daddy and how he was nominated into the famous Brampton Hall of Fame – riveting …who really cares. You actually saw some fights last night and you know who won. How’s Dawson feeling after three straight punches to his mellon!!

    Bellie Nation

  80. bellie nation.
    have a look again.
    apparently you can’t read.
    i would like you to point out to me where is said they were 1 of the best teams ever.
    that puzzles me.
    and since you are getting personal making comments about my “daddy”
    i assume we are reading different forums.
    Oh yah, you get the BC version.
    sorry, i forgot.
    have a good game
    wish you were here.

  81. so will there be a webcast for the game tonight ? if there is how do we see it

  82. it wasnt steve that said it it was terry and is there a webcast tonight and how do we see it if there is

  83. Please can a few of you go check this out and let me know the audio / video quality:


  84. well I may be a newbie but lets see brampton just knocked off the three straight mann cup winner pete lakers team!!Maybe not one of the best evr mr bellie nation but when was the last time ANY team won in the other end of the country?? twenty years?? I am sure u were there cause I think it was 6 nay vs nw?? so for now dan dawson -colin doyle- anthony cosmo -brodie (pat) merril- pat mcready- cam woods -josh sanderson -dan teat -blaine manning -bruce codd-brandon miller-jeff shattler I can go on??? are not household names but I do believe evry one of them..)(almost) has already won a mann cup or two – half out west here..But I am sure one day we will be talking about them just like I now talk about ilya -nenad cliff- jordie -bubba-athan- tyler-chris-etc if athan and conn were dressed it would be way too close to call but I believe bramptons experience should carry them personally I would throw roiker in for his experience and nastiness to change the flow and I am impressed if anyones dad is in the hof mine isn’t although my brother will be in another hof one day now is it penny?? cause I am curious??

  85. New West used to be good, but that was many years ago. This series will be over in Four straight. They haven’t faced Ontario opposition before its a whole different game here.

  86. Okay, I’ve put up a new update link for tonight, as well as an attempt at the live webcast, so I will no longer be posting on this link.:


  87. looks good enough to me thanks alot from lax fans from the west … anything is better than nothing

  88. we can hear you and commentate would be great

  89. way to go marksy !!!just walkes away fromespn classic boston vs philadelphia nhl 1974 but well worth it to watch the mann cup… thank u sooo much for putting in the work

  90. what happened why you go off the air

  91. we lost it too

  92. ill ya

  93. gaijic that is its pronounced ill -ya and nen- ad guy -ich one syllable if possible..

  94. Great job guys – we’re enjoying the coverage on the West Coast. Go Bellies.

    BTW its Nenad – Na-nad

  95. Thanks guy – keep it up

    Jake and Riley

    Home of the 24 Mann CUp Champions

  96. is bubba westwood and dawson playing?

  97. yes that is right

  98. how much time in the pentaly

  99. thanx for the coverage, a shame no offical t.v. coverage . will be following it with Marksy.

  100. good job guys on the video…just a suggestion…less history and more play by play if you could thanks….up here in PG

  101. we need to stop those short handed goalies and we would be winning go Bellies

  102. Hey Guys, good pics and stats. I am doing aritcles for the Mann Cup on my Blog. Drop by and say hello and comment on the posts. Say Hi to Shanny (Brian Shanahan). He and I used to play the game together.
    “No Gut No Glory”
    Walt Webb

  103. the bellies are going to kick some bramptno behind

    ps bellies will come out storng and finish bramton off once and for all


    bellies will win

  104. go bellies go

  105. the bellies will win they got three new studs on d so keep you head up bramtion # 18 will crush u and then just to finish it you will get choped bu #10

    go bellies go

  106. bellies rock

  107. i cant see any thing

  108. you guy are doing a good job keep it up

  109. there is no sound no pitcure

  110. keep the camera steady

  111. Hey guys. Fantastic job!! Really enjoying being able to watch this. I watched from Quebec over the weekend so I was able to watch my brother play!!! I watched with our family out there. Go #22!!!!! 🙂

    Trivia: Don’t know if many fans know that the Mann Cup is OLDER than the Stanley Cup. Too bad it didn’t bring the same crowds. These guys certainly deserve it!

    Again, really enjoying your broadcast and am sending your site to everyone I know. (I’m a shameless promoter of my brother to my friends). 🙂

    GO BRAMPTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  112. Hey Terryhhh.
    Where did Bryce , Bellie Nation and the rest of those NW fans go?
    for that matter, where did NWM go?
    too bad they couldn’t hit the net.
    I think for sure they will hack and whack Brampton in game 4.
    they have nothing else to play 4.
    they are big and fast but they only use their sticks for cheap shots.
    game 4 will be fun to watch if you like the rough stuff.
    then we will see Brampton give it back.
    they may be alot smaller than those “Buubas” , most of them play like that, but i know Brampton can fight.
    somebody’s gonna get hurt.
    I can’t wait!!

  113. jake and riley just confrmed my suspicion.
    NW are nothing but a bunch of hackers and head hunters.
    they must have scarred the rest of the Western teams.
    got news for ya,
    aint gonna happen out here.
    try pickin a fight with little #9 and see what they get.
    anyone out West heard of Scott Evans from Peterborough?
    Harasyn shook his gloves at him and he wanted no part of him.
    I’ve never known either of the Evans brothers to back away from any1.
    Guess he knew better. smart move.
    Man i can’t wait to see game 4.
    We’ll see who gets the last laugh, i mean punch in.

  114. heard the Bellies got 3 duds on defense.
    did them good in game 3. good move by ur coach too.
    pulling the goalie with 8 minutes to go only down by 2.
    i would say he was desperate.
    i have a question.
    how many goals did NW score in the last 2 periods?
    1? 2? 3?
    (buzzer sound)
    wrong answer.
    how about nadda.
    keep up the good work Bellies.
    ur plane leaves soon.



  116. where are all the Bellie fans?
    you wouldn’t listen when i said “they don’t know what they are gettin into.
    i guess the only thing now is too play goon lacrosse..
    i’m gonna love the third.
    dynamite comes in small packages.
    i actually hope NW comes back believe it or not.
    i wanna see more games.
    4 is too short and i said 5 anyway. did you read that Bellie Nation?

  117. just got in keep forgetting bout the 4 30 start just remember steve o I never said(I think lol !!)
    anything other than brampton were stacked and the bellies young.But one thing for sure you easterners should be seeing the bellies for the next 4 or 5 years ..whats the score tonight?? dinners ready.. as for the headhunting don’t the evans bros and tim obrien and mike henderson and… nevermind who plays where..

  118. 9-6 Brampton Terry.

  119. nt rub it in anymore.
    but they (NW fans) started it and i just had to as a guy who was born and raised in Brampton.
    My apologies.

    All the best NW.
    you’ll be back.

  120. Cosmos MVP
    he earned it.

  121. terry,
    u did say they were one of the best teams ever. Sept 6- 9:27am.
    sorry for correcting u Terry.
    I like to keep my facts straight.

    but it doesn’t matter as long as they were the best team this year.

    Have a great day.
    til next year.
    will be alot tougher out ther but I’m guessing Brampton will lose many players.
    Oh well.
    The ride was great.

    keep ur heads high Belly fans.
    nothin to be ashamed of.
    Like Terry said.
    Brampton WAS stacked.
    for a reason.
    thank god they proved it.

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