Are The Kids Sending Us A Message?

You know sometimes we need kids to remind us all why we / they play the game of lacrosse. Yes indeed there is nothing like the rush of playing in a “big” game. There is nothing like the feeling of butterflies in your stomach prior to going on the floor for that Championship Final.

But every now and then, we all need to take a step back and realize, sometimes it is just fun to go out and throw the ball around, and act like………kids!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of two Novice teams; Akwesasne and Six Nations, who, after battling for three periods, shared in the post game celebrations by taking a picture together. A sign of great sportsmanship by both teams.

Well I had this picture and accompanying story below passed on to me by Jack Ruest. Jack was at the Ontario Summer Games in Ottawa, where the Midget “A” teams played a couple of weekends ago.

Akwesasne and Six Nations finished out their run at the Summer Games on Saturday in what turned out to be a great display of sportsmanship and tricks in a true friendship game. The two teams were both out of the medal hunt and decided to entertain the crowd. Thumbs up to the refs who participated in the fun and to all the lacrosse fans present who cheered them on. Great ending to what was a wonderful tournament for all the Midget A teams.

This is a great example of why we do not always need to do everything “by the book”. Hats off to all involved for allowing this “fun” to take place. I would suggest, that this might be the memory of the season for the young players on these two teams. If we are looking for ways to build on our great game, to expose it to more youth and adults, to get more people involved, these types of stories need to happen more often and be shared.

Thanks Jack.


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