Lakers Take Series Lead

I had the fortune of taking in game three tonight at the Powerade Center in Brampton between the Peterborough Lakers and the home town Excelsiors.

What an aura in the building. This was playoff lacrosse. It was very evidnet early that both teams did not care much for the other, and the hacking and whacking started early and lasted all night. Referees Spies and Gardonio seemed to care less about a lot of whacks, and a number of punches to the face, only occasionally picking one out of every five or six (more on that after).

Cosmo and O’Toole got the start for ther respective teams and both played well. The score after one was tied at two apiece. In the second the two teams came out and continued their dislike for each other, but also played more on the offensive. Peterborough’s John Grant, playing with an injury to his hand or elbow (or both) was taking a beating but kept coming out for more. He scored a short handed goal in the second period that had me in awe. After killing roughly 30-40 seconds of a penalty where he was double teamed, he decided it was time to go to the net. So he did and scored short side, waist high on goalie Cosmo.

At the same time, Blaine Manning scored a beauty in the same second frame, when he took a cross floor pass, that was slightly behind him as he was going to the net. He reached back with just enough stretch to get the ball, and then one timed a bounce shot into the net, before Pat O’Toole could get across to stop it. The score after two periods was 7-5 Peterborough.

In the third, Brampton would score twice to tie the game, before Josh Wasson would take a pass cutting to the net, from Scott Evans (who was patrolling behind the net with the ball). Wasson would fake once to the near side and deposit his shot back to the far side for the eventual game winner with about 5-6 minutes left. Ryan Sharp would score with 5 seconds left for the 9-7 Lakers victory.

I watched this game as a fan of neither team, but a fan of the game. I have to say that two calls made by referee Gardonio in the final two minutes had me fuming. A Peterborough player (I believe it was Josh Gillam) was in the Brampton end, after a possession call was made (Brampton’s ball). The Brampton player, instead of picking up the ball, decided to hold Gillam’s stick. The two began to struggle and when Gillam decided to swat the Excelsior, the arm went up. Power Play for Brampton with 1:30 left on the clock in an 8-7 game. Okay, so you’re not supposed to swat a player right? Right.

Take the clock down to :45 with a stoppage in play. Scott Evans and another Brampton player start jawing at one another. Evans swats the Brampton player first, the Brampton player swats Evans back, and one penalty is called (even though the referee was right there to watch everything transpire). The retaliation? No the first one only to Evans. Two man advantage for Brampton with :45 on the clock. Needless to say, the Peterborough bench was livid and so was I. I had visions of a great game being decided by a horrid call after a bad call was just made. However, Brampton did not score so it did not change the game.

As I said I was not cheering for either team, but when I see that kind of end to a game, it soured the whole night for me.



  1. While the two penalties at the end did hurt the memory, it didn’t effect the game. Fact remained it was playoff lacrosse at its best. I swore I went to the wrong arena. Kudos to Peterborough’s fans for rallying behind their team on the road. Awesome atmosphere in the building all night long with both teams and their fans going back and forth. This is a great series that will go down to the wire.

  2. Matt, I completely agree that this is a dandy series we are seeing. I’m just glad the calls did not effect the outcome.

    And I did forget to mention the Laker fans, and how many of them travelled. I think I saw two buses outside after.

  3. I agree that there should have been more than one penalty called on the Evans nonsense at the end of the game.

    That said, Scott deserved what he got.

    (His team has a one goal lead, and has the ball with just over 30 seconds on the clock…..starting any trouble is just plain stupid).

  4. True enough Mike

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