Wampers Corner Episode 6

Episode six, recorded shorlty after the Brooklin Redmen had their 2008 season ended by the Brampton Exclesiors at Iroquois Park Arena.  Wamp and I discuss the Mann Cup, he shows a few of his collectible programs from Mann Cups of years gone by.

Then Wamp, with the end of the Brooklin season details the plans he has for an upcoming trip with Twyla.  I’ll be honest and say, that I’ve not laughed harder than I have in this episode.  And believe me, the only part if this that is rehearsed, is the fact that we are talking about Mann Cups, and that he would talk about his trip.

[livevideo id=EDE7174947284842B049FF340C2A5F49]



  1. you guys are right though, Brampton will be hosting the Mann Cup this season.
    A question for Wamper, what is your favourite lacrosse game you’ve seen all time? I know for me it was Toronto’s 2000 final vs Rochester with Toth scoring with 1 second left. However, I would be interested to hear Wamper’s opinion. Thanks!

    As for the trivia:
    Andy Dudun played for Mimico and won 3 straight OLA Jr B titles (95/96/97)

  2. I’d love to hear some stories about the Redmen glory days at the Vipond arena and what the crowd was like. Is it true that there used to be an illegal bar in the basement of the old barn?

  3. In my brief tryout with the Redmen back in the 70,s I remeber just a couple of empty “two fours ” stack against the wall , or what looked like a wall , hey ! it was a wall made of empties !!! It was a great place to play . I had the opportunity when the Whitby Jr B team used to play out of there. I remember dreading the games , I knew I was going to get my ass handed to me …

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