Minor Star(s) of The Day August 10/08

I caught the Novice C2 Championship Final today between Kahanwake and Six Nations # 2.  I had a recommendation to have a look at one of Kahnawake’s young players as a potential winner for the Minor Star of the day.  So I figured the least I could do, was check out his game.

Well I ended up catching a dynamite Final between two teams that played their hearts out, leaving everything they had on the floor. The player I was asked to have a look at was Eric McComber.  Eric scored the first two goals of the game for Kahanwake, and with his play at both ends of the floor, it looked like he would run away with the award.  He scored a third, and assisted on another.  But standing in the way of his team winning the Championship was a wall at the other end of the floor late in the game in the form of Daniel Hill.

In the final minutes, Kahnawake had three chances with the extra attacker on the floor, but 8-7 is as close as they would come, with Six Nations winning the game.  I was equally impressed with both young guys for their performances in the game, so rather than force myself to make a choice, I chose both! I presentedthem both with their own Max Power T-Shirt for their efforts.

In a true sign of sportsmanship at the completion of the game, after the medals were handed out, both teams joined at center floor for a picture together.  I caught that moment as well.

Congratulations to both teams on a great display of lacrosse, and to Eric and Daniel for being our Minor Star(s) of the Day.



  1. Now this picture is worth a 1000 words!!!
    3 Periods
    2 Teams
    1 Goal in mind

    Sharing the glory with each other!!
    That is true Spirit of the game!!!

    Congratulations to
    Six Nations & Kahnawake

    Thank you for showing us what this weekend is all about!! Building Friendships!!!

  2. Now that is what lacrosse is all about. Two teams with no animosity towards each other, only the love of the game.

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