Festival Day 7 – A Few Visits

Well today I took a little time to visit with a few teams.  First I chatted with the Team Manitoba Bantam team and our visit was recorded below:

[livevideo id=6482F7DDFD094310B1451B6BB97B3173]

The Piper

I went back in just in time to catch a first for me in four years at the Festival.  Team Nova Scotia has none other than a gent that plays the bagpipes just prior to the team entering the floor.  So I decided (although I missed the first few seconds of him playing) to catch his performance and hte first few minutes of the Peewee Nova Scotia vs. Iroquois game.

[livevideo id=9A86308F3D5847D593EB40EDBE9D1662]

Everywhere we go, people wanna know…

Later on, I went back out to the main area of the Vendors where I found the Team Alberta Peewees who had just come from their latest game.  I chatted with a few of the guys and their Coach briefly, and they agreed to chat for a few minutes as well:

 [livevideo id=2F983F23C2724D82BFA3A2B2A7D10C3D]


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