2008 Festival Minor Star of the Day Kelly Babstock

All right, plain and simple this girl can play lacrosse. I had spoken to a few folks around the arena prior to seeing Kelly play, and the comments coming form everyone were, she’s awesome, you cannot stop her, etc., etc.

I mistakenly asked one of her team mates (before I met Kelly) if she was Kelly. The response? “Yeah, I wish”. The game I caught in the early afternoon, Mississauga defeated Clarington 6-2; Kelly scored six goals.

So without further delay, our Minor Star of the day….Ms. Kelly Babstock.

[livevideo id= 22A22FDBE7EF4709B5B18D42B5415183]



  1. Way to go Kelly!!!!

  2. did this kelly babstock play for mimaco around the peanut level
    cause i think i played you you guys beat us in the finals i play for kahnawake mohawks

    • Yes she did play for Mimico and then we moved to Mississauga and she started playing for the tomahawks.

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