Peewee Provincials Recap

Well the Peewee Boys, put on a great showing to open up the Festival this year. Below is a recap of the semi final and final action. Congratulaitons to all participants for an exciting three days.

Peewee “B”

Whitby and St. Catharines battled it out in what was a fabulously entertaining game. St. Catharines came out like gangbusters and had built a 3-0 lead before Whitby came storming back to tie it at 4, and the rest of the way it was a dog fight.

Whitby scored late to go up by a goal, and then secured the win with an empty net, short handed goal with under a minute to play. The final was 6-4.

Peewee “C 1”

Brampton and Hamilton required double overtime to settle the Champion here. Both teams had had a somewhat uneventful semi-final with both teams winning quite big. Here however, the fifth period of play saw a cross crease pass to a relatively wide open player seal the win for Hamilton.

The final score was 7-6.

Peewee “C 2”

You might call the Brantford Peewees the “cardiac kids” of the Peewee games. They defeated Kitchener 5-3 in their final to capture the Championship, but the story on how they got there was incredible.

In their semi-final game against Shelburne, Brantford was trailing 6-4 with around a minute left in the game. Brantford scored, and subsequently pulled their goalie. Shelburne had possession of the ball, down in Brantford’s end (with the empty net). The clock was counting down, and with all of the screaming, cheering, etc. the referee had made a possession call in favour of Brantford. I’m not sure if it was a crease violation or running through the crease.

In any event, some of the Shelburne players did not hear the whistle and began to leave their bench to go congratulate their goalie on the win (assuming the clock had run out).
The referee then blew his whistle to start play for Brantford with the ball. Shelburne was immediately called for too many players on the floor, and in the last two minutes of the game, that is a penalty shot.

They scored on the penalty shot, and later, about 5-6 minutes into Overtime scored in the extra period to move on to the Final.

Wow, what an ending.

Peewee “D”

Halton Hills, who I had predicted would win from the start, did just that defeating North Perth by a 6-4 score. I was unable to see any of this game but did see both teams prior to the final game (my son played in this group).
North Perth looked very good against Welland Saturday night, and Halton who had to play the extra game Sunday morning got by Kemptville and then Oakville in a tight one.

One thing I will say is that in the D division, it was a very weird schedule indeed. I know it had to be tough with 18 teams, but I’m thinking 3 groups of 6 (play 5 games, and move to a semi final with one wild card team thrown in), would be a much better setup than 6 groups of 3 (play two teams and then a cross over game against a team in another division – top two in each new group of 6 move on).

It was tough to explain to the kids that going 2 wins and 1 loss was not good enough to advance. Worse than that, I know Elora had to be questioning what the heck was going on. They had two wins and a tie and were sent home (because of the grouping they were in). As a poster pointed out here, they were ousted by .04 goals in the formula.
In addition, I believe that we need to look at ranking the teams better and grouping them as such. There were a few 15-0 games in a couple divisions, while others battled out tight games, and did not advance because of the tough grouping they were in. I guess my point is that game sheets do not always tell the “true” story of how string or weak a team really is.

But that is for another day.



  1. The only really big blowouts were in D. Everyone knows that Simcoe, Sun County and Sarnia #2 were in tough as they are developing associations or developing second teams. Good for them for giving their kids a taste of what the festival and provincial tournies are all about. More work was put inot the ratings this year than ever before. You are off base a bit here although I appreciate all hte hard work and great information that you do.

  2. Hi Ric,

    I appreciate your comment and do not expect everyone to agree with me. The point I was trying to make was that it is tough to explain to a team like Elora, that did not lose, that they are going home while other teams like Oakville who did lose. or Kemptville who Elora tied went to the Semi-Finals.

    Maybe “better ratings” was not the appropriate wording, “better groupings”, or a chance for teams to compete to move on, rather than a formula based on improper groupings.

    I agree that it is great for those three centres to have their kids experience the Festival. However, one of those teams in each group of 6 would have “balanced” the groupings wouldn’t it?

    It is all about fun for the kids I know, but when parents are paying the dollars they are to play, travel, eat, and sleep away from home, it should be equally fair to all is all I’m getting at.

  3. I think the simple solution to the problem is to eliminate the ties in the round robin. With a sudden death format the game would likely be over in the first 10 minutes anyway and it would eliminate the tie issues.

    I fullly agree with Marksy and to use the Elora situation as an example, it is completely unacceptable that they did not continue on in the tourny when teams with a poorer record got through. For the tournament organizers to not see this as a potential issue and thus remedy it before it happened shows a total lack of foresight on their parts.

    I have seen a few issues like this over the past 4 years that lead me to question whether the organizers really put as much effort into the lower tier teams as they do for the ‘A’ teams and the National teams. It is almost obligatory to attend Provincial’s now and it seems the attitude is along the lines of ‘they’re coming anyway’ so there is little to no incentive to fix things.

    Just my two cents!

  4. I have been out of lacrosse for sometime until my son decided this year to play. We had a great time and my son played with the Sarnia #2 team. This was his first experience playing ever as well as for many others on the team. For many of the kids, they would have never had a chance to go to a tournament like this and even though we had a few blow-out games (not in our favour), all the kids really enjoyed being able to partiicipate at the provincials. I think for many kids, this will keep their interest in wanting to play again the following season, which is great for the sport. My observation in the “D” division is that there is quite a range of skill levels. Perhaps having a D2 would serve the weaker developing teams better. As another comment, I don’t think the GF/GA is a great way to do a tie-breaker formula. It seem to encourage running up the scores against the weaker teams which is not sportmanlike in my opinion and adds frustration to those developing teams. Not all pools are created equal and will never be which is unfortunate for Team Elora who deserved to advance.

    Just some thoughts.

  5. This blog brings back great memories for me. I played Lacrosse for the Hamilton Bengals right up to JR A level… great to see Lacrosse is still going strong back home.

  6. Well does Shelburne ever have some upset players and parents. What happened in there game with Brantford was just unreal. With all the noise etc. going on all the ref had to do is send the players back off the floor and reset the clock .there was only a few seconds left with the ball in the Brantford end. This is no way to finish a game and lose out in a berth to the championship game. The rule in place but was not intended for this type of situation. Noise and mayheim can rule in tight games in provincials in the dieiing secs as we all know. The players (and these are 11-12 year olds) can hardly hear . To say Shelburne was robbed by the refs on this one may be the understatement on the year. A very unfortunate situation that could have and should have never happened. Congrats to Brantford as this is not taking anything away from there efforts all weekend.

  7. HI VRK,

    I understand exactly what you are saying and cannot imagine how upset the team must be.

    I was actually still speaking with a few people about it last night but can offer my take on what I saw.

    I was in the Brantford end (with the empty net). In my opinion, the ref in the ned I was in, simply made a crease call, got the ball to a Brantford player, and started play again. When he looked up is whne he saw the players in the other end on the floor.

    What I am getting at, is that I do not think the ref “robbed” Shelburne of the win. I think he was caught in a situation where he had to make a call I think he did not want ot make.

    I would have hoped that had he seen all of the players on the floor, he would have gotten them back on the bench prior to resuming play.

    I may be wrong, but that is how I saw it all unfold….

  8. Marksy – bang on as to how to have better-organized the “D” division. 3 groups of 6 would have given everyone 5 games, and let the cream rise to the top for the semis and final. I think concern about taking up too much floor time for this group was a concern for the 16 team field in this division. But even using the format employed (the six 3-team groups with crossover), there was another way to increase fairness – add two more teams to the quarters. If, in addition to the top 2 of each combined group, the next two highest placed teams were admitted, then no team with a winning record in the round-robin would have been excluded (i.e. Elora and Whitby 4 get through). Then you have 4 quarter-finals (which, by definition, you should have) and 2 semi-finals (again, self-evident?). It only adds 2 hours of floor time (one quarter and one semi), and eliminates the bizarre situation where one team (North Perth in this case) gets a bye through to the final simply by the luck of the draw.

    Food for thought for the OLA in case it finds itself in a similar boat next year. Otherwise, kudos to all for a great start to the festival!

  9. Hey Marksy: The boys in Thunder Bay were wondering if you had a sched plus results for the Peewee D provincials. Just interested in seeing the results from this tourney.

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