2008 Festival – Minor Star Of The Day Matthew Carroll

Well the Festival is now three days old, and just today I awarded the first “Minor Star of the Day”. My apologies as my plan was to do this every day, but schedules and catching so many games, I was unable to do so.

In any event, our first recipient is Matthew Carrol. Matthew is the goalie for the Whitby Warriors Peewee 2 Provincial “B” Champions.

A savvy veteran of four years in goal (in which he has been a Provincial Champion four times), Matthew played all 5 games this weekend for his team. His athleticism and desire to gain posession of any ball near his net was evident throughout the weekend. Matthew is also prepared to do what it takes to stop the ball from going into his net.

Our first Minor Star; Matthew Carrol. Congratulations to him and all of his team mates on a great finish to their season. Foe being our Minor Star of hte Day, Matthew received one of our new “Max Power” T-Shirts, as well as a free lunch form Sports Garden Cafe.

Our video is below:

[livevideo id=67E0C6B3ABE34135BF73DBBE13A3121E]


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