Tyke Provincial Schedules / Results

Tykes start up Sunday August 2 / 08. Below is the schedule which will be updated throughout the 3 days.

  Tyke A    
Score     Score
 4 Oakville #1   Mimico #1  11
 6 Peterborough #1   Clarington #1
 2 Orangeville #1   Brampton #1
 7 Whitby #1   Burlington  5
1 Mimico #1   Whitby #1 7
Clarington #1   Orangeville #1
 4 Burlington   Oakville #1  8
 4 Brampton Peterborough  12
 5 Oakville #1   Whitby #1  9
 1 Mimico #1   Burlington  6
 4 Orangeville #1   Peterborough #1  13
 1 Brampton #1   Clarington #1
 5 1st-1 – Whitby   2md-2 – Clarington
12  1st-2 – Peterborough   2nd-1 – Mimico
 9 Whitby  Peterborough
  “A” Champs  Whitby   
  Tyke B    
Score     Score
 10 Guelph #1   Hamilton
 4 London   Elora #1  9
 4 Mississauga   Six Nations #1  8
 7 Gloucester   Halton Hills
 8 Elora #1   Mississauga
Halton Hills   Guelph #1 15 
 8 Hamilton   Gloucester
 8 Six Nations #1   London
  Gloucester   Guelph #1  
 3 Halton Hills   Hamilton
 2 Mississauga   London
 10 Six Nations #1   Elora #1 10 
 11 1st-1 – Guelph 2nd-2 – Six Nations  6
 8 1st-2 – Elora  2nd-1 – Hamilton  9
Guelph Hamilton
  “B” Champs  Guelph   
  Tyke C 1    
Score     Score
11  Milton   Welland
 6 Shelburne   Beaches  3
 3 Windsor   Kitchener  5
 5 Fergus #1   Orillia  9
 7 Peterborough #2   Barrie  7
 3 Caledon #1   Whitby #2  4
 7 Cambridge   Clarington #2  1
 4 St. Catharines   Sarnia  9
 7 Shelburne   Milton 11 
 8 Peterborough #2   Windsor
 11 Caledon #1   Fergus #1  6
 6 Barrie   Kitchener 10 
 5 Welland   Beaches
 6 Sarnia   Clarington #2  4
 5 Orillia   Whitby #2 10 
 3 Kitchener   Peterborough #2  8
Shelburne   Welland
 8 Windsor   Barrie
 3 Cambridge   St. Catharines
 4 Fergus #1   Whitby #2
 11 Caledon #1   Orillia  5
 4 Cambridge  Sarnia  2
Clarington # 2  St. Catharines 
1st-1 – Milton   2nd-4 – Sarnia
 5 (2OT) 1st-3 – Whitby # 2   2nd-2 – Kitchener
 8 1st-2 – Peterborough 2   2nd-3 – Fergus
 12 1st-4 – Owen Sound   2nd-1 – Shelburne
 10 Milton Whitby
 8 Peterborough  Cambridge
 9 Peterborough # 2  Milton
   “C 1” Champs  Peterborough  
  Tyke C 2    
Score     Score
 2 Brantford   Akwesasne
 5 Guelph #2   Whitby #3 12 
 3 Nepean   West Durham
 6 Arthur   Caledon #2
 1 North Perth   Six Nations #2
 7 Huntsville   Brampton #2
 13 Akwesasne   Guelph #2
 7 Whitby #3   Brantford 10 
 7 West Durham  Arthur 
 1 Six Nations #2   Huntsville 12 
 4 Kahnawake   Owen Sound  11
 9 Brampton #2   North Perth
Caledon #2   Nepean  9
 11 Mimico #2   Nia-on-the-Lake
 6 Owen Sound   Mimico #2
 7 Nia-on-the-Lake   Kahnawake
 6 Nia-on-the-Lake   Owen Sound 10 
 7 Brampton #2   Six Nations #2  0
 1 North Perth   Huntsville
 9 Mmico #2   Kahnawake
 10 (OT) 1st-1 – Akwesasne   2nd-4 – Mimico # 2
 7 1st-2 – Huntsville  2nd-3 – Nepean
 3 (OT) 1st-3 –  West Durham  2nd-2 -Brampton # 2
 12 1st-4 – Owen Sound  2nd-1 – Brantford
 5 Caledon #2   W. Durham
 11 Brantford   Guelph #2
 7 Whitby #3   Akwesasne
 7 Nepean   Arthur
 7 Huntsville  Akwesasne  2
 4 West Durham  Owen Sound 11 
 10 Huntsville  Owen Sound  7
  “C 2” Champs  Huntsville   
  Tyke D    
Score     Score
14  Orangeville #2   Six Nations #3  3
 4 Wallaceburg   Orangeville #2
 6 Sudbury   Oakville #2
 3 Six Nations #2   Wallaceburg
 12 Innisfil  Fergus 2 
 3 Oakville #2   Innisfil  9
 3 Fergus #2   Sudbury 11 
 6 Milton   Beaches  3
 3 Six Nations #3   Wallaceburg  5
 8 Oakville #2   Fergus #2
 3 Innisfil   Sudbury
  Orangeville #2   Six Nations #3  
 0 Wallaceburg   Orangeville # 2 12 
 11 Sudbury  Orangeville # 2
10 Innisfil  Sudbury
   “D” Champs Innisfil   


  1. I watched the Tyke A game of Peterborough #1 vs Clarington #1. I understand the minor lacrosse is having a very hard time finding ref’s. But this was the most bias game I have ever seen. After these little players battled hard for 45min I heard/found out that one of the REF’S had a family member on the Peterborough team. How can this been aloud. There is no way that the REF could be unbias. The festival and OLA should look into this ASAP.

  2. I watched many Peewee games and the problem just isn’t in Tyke. I agree that finding that amount of refs has to be difficult but the reffing was terrible in a number of games I watched. The amount of “phantom” calls that actually changed the outcome of the game was a sad thing to see for teams that were fighting to win.

    Having 2 young refs for quarter and semi final games was also discouraging. The OLA really needs to look at this problem for next year – refs shouldn’t decide a game and the outcome of Brantford and Shelburne in C2 (and I am not from either of those clubs) is a prime example.

    Provincials are what every team works toward and unfortunatley for the OLA they have to make sure the reffing is as unbiased as possible. I witnessed a ref continually talking to the Brantford Peewee coaching staff between periods and between the 2nd and 3rd periods he gave them the game sheet to look at! I am not sure if there is a rule against that or not but in a quarter final game that had a 1 goal difference and that went into overtime I don’t believe morally this would be the correct thing to do. First question I asked was, “Where is that ref from?”

    Brantford went on to win everything, after 2 games of questionable calls……

  3. While I won’t defend or criticize the refs this weekas I also saw some questionalbe calls, I did catch the Brantford – Shelburne semi-final game.

    As much as I feel for Shelburne as I am sure my team could easily do the same thing, by leaving the bench a little early what exactly did you find questionable about the call?

    It was not in the play corect, however, too many men in the last two minutes of play (I believe it is two minutes), is a penalty shot.

    It did decide the game in the end, but by not making the call, would it not have been unfair to Brantford?

  4. Anonymous: You need to get your lax facts straight. During the quarter final game between Brantford and Innisfil, it was the Innisfil coach who continually approached the refs to have lengthy conversations in front of the time keepers bench between each period. Also, the score sheet was shown to both coaches on both benches. This game should have never gone into overtime as Brantford scored the tying goal which was in the back of the net well before the 30 second shot clock ran out eventhough it was called back. Brantford then went to score which what should have been the go ahead goal. The game was won because of the hard work of the 11 and 12 year old players on the floor. It wasn’t lost because of the reffing. The entire game is on video should you need to jog your memory. The focus should be on the Pee Wee players from all teams who stepped up their game for provincials. Remember, exuces are for losers!

  5. I think you need to get YOUR facts straight. The Innisfil coach never once went over to the other side of the floor.

    2 Innisifl goals were called back – one for a “push off” after a goal had been scored and one “crease” – eye witnesses behind the Innisfil goalie who were not from either team – said the 1 Brantford goal didn’t even go in – it hit the goalie’s shoulder and went over the net.

    I am not from either centre so unfortunately your “loser” comment doesn’t apply. Winners need to act with just as much as class or more than the losing team.

    If the refing was so good why did an adult ref stand in the pentaly box for the last 2 periods to “monitor” the 2 young guys refing?

    For those 11 and 12 year old boys that are playing their hearts out the OLA should give them fair and equal refing with at least one adult on the floor for quarter and semi final games.

    The refing was the talk of the tournament by many teams……your team must have been on the winning end…..

  6. The ref in the St. Catharines/Whitby made a horrendous call. I believe the score was 4-1 St. Catharines, Whitby takes a shot and misses the net and the ball goes to the other end. A St. Catharines player gets the ball and the shot clock is still running from the Whitby possession. Clock goes off just as St. Catharines scores and goal is disalllowed. Whitby comes down and scores to make it 4-2 instead of 5-1 St.Catharines. TSN turning point. Momentum to Whitby.

  7. Let’s review the game tape…. your memory seems to be faiiling. As for having at least one adult ref on the floor during the tournament, the adult refs we had were certainly not fair and equal. The worst reffed game in the tournament was an adult. Having an adult ref on the floor would not have changed the outcome of the game. The best team won fair and square. If the reffing is biased for Brantford, you need to check the last time a Brantford team has won the provincials. Yes, my team was on the winning end and our players played their best lacrosse this weekend and deserved the win. Perhaps instead of focussing on the refs, you need to look at the excellent play and hard work of the players. After all, this is what the tournament is about.. the kids!

  8. Steve,

    I recall the exact play you are talking about and recall it exactly as you stated (imagine that; two people saw the same play, the same way 🙂 ).

    Anyway, I recall thinking to myself as the ref did not make any motion, was he confused by who had possession or was there some form of interference by one of the two players running down the floor battling for the ball? It was a very fast chain of events but I saw no motionfrom him.

    If it was a minor interference call, then he needed to indicate it and did not. If it was confusion over possession, then you arebang on.

  9. The ref actually admitted that he had made a mistake to the St. Catharines coach, but seeing as the play continued there was nothing he could do to change the call.

  10. Steve, you are right. I saw him today and asked him about the call, and he admitted that he messed up to me as well.

    He said he was goin to come on here and say as much.

  11. Helllo,

    I’m the tall official that refereed the St. Catherines Whitby Game.
    First of all I’d like to say I’ve read a lot of interesting comments on this website. For those of you who think that only adults can call a good game, you are mistaken, most young officials today have grown up playing the sport and know the rules very well. So don’t be so quick to judge just based on age. Also, you have to realize that the officials at Peewee Provincials are there to learn for the most part, it is a younger division, you cannot expect to have phenominal referees to just spawn out of thin air, they must be coached, and brought up to be good officials, most people don’t realize just how hard it is being out on the floor making the calls as they come.

    Now back to the ‘B’ Semi Finals between Whitby #2 and St. Catherines #1. Whitby had possession in St. Catherines’ end and shot on goal, however the ball missed the net and started rolling back into Whitby’s end. A player from each team started chasing after the ball, which eventually made it’s way into the corner of Whitby’s end. The two players fought for possession, and in doing so, the St. Catherines player DID step into the crease while going for the ball, however, game management wise I let it go. The St. Catherines’ player came out of the corner with possession and as he made the shot on net, the 30-second buzzer sounded before the ball had entered the net. As the lead ref, I was totally focused on the play and called what I saw and heard, the buzzer went before the ball went in the net, therefore that’s no goal and that is all I signalled, not a crease violation, nor a minor intereference call. However, it is not solely my fault, my partner, the trail referee, never blew the play down to tell me that there was supposed to be a reset on the play, and the timekeeper never reset the clock when the St. Catherines player got possession of the ball. Both of these things should have happened, but since neither did, play continued with Whitby possession, and they went up the floor to score. After I reported the goal, the St. Catherines’ player came to me and pointed out that it was Whitby’s Shot Clock, not theirs. I quickly realized this and called my partner over to confirm what i feared. At this point folks, its too late to do anything, I would have had to been informed during that play, not after the ofther team has already taken the ball down the floor and scored.

    That doesn’t go to say that I don’t feel bad about what happened. As a ref, I want to be out there to ensure the kids have a safe and fair game, and I do that to the best of my abilities. I admit, yes, I made a mistake, and I sincerely apologize for taking away the chance to win the provincials from St. Catherines. Now to say it was a horrendous call is a bit much, we are all human and make mistakes, and I don’t think you could honestly say there was any other call in the game that either team disagreed with.

    And as most do very well, criticizing is a lot easier than doing, I would love to see any parent that thinks the ref is an idiot to get their Level 1 Referee Certification and stilll hold the same views.

  12. Hey Joe,

    First, I want to thank you for coming on here to explain the situation as you saw it unfold. You did not need to do it, but I believe your passion for the game and desire to do a good job is what made you do it.

    I think sometimes we all as parents, Coaches and even players (to a degree), forget your point about being human and making mistakes. I have done your job and I’m always amazed at how magnified any errors are that referees make. I usually do not see Coaches or parents in a Peewee game go off on a player / goalie / Coach when they make a mistake like they go off on the referee (I said usually).

    I hope everyone out there does take your words and at least try to understand the shoes you walk in.

    For those that cannot, so be it. But please everyone, understand that if you would like to comment on Joe’s post, by all means speak, ask a question, whatever.

    But do not come on here with the intent to bash, or your post will be deleted. Joe is a young referee, trying to get better and I think it took a lot of you know what to do this. At least respect the young man for doing that.

  13. Kudos to Joe for his well written post. As I stated earlier, some of the best ref’s my son’s team had at the Pee Wee provincials were young refs. Thank you to all of the officials who want “the kids to have a safe and fair game” because without you, we wouldn’t be able to watch our children play this great game.

  14. By the way, to the “Anonymous” who eluded that the Brantford Pee Wee’s were shown favourtism by the refs during the provincials, check the OLA Minor Lacrosse Forum post reply regarding when the last time a Brantford team won provincials by “Really Old Timer”- 1968 Tyke C. This person lost against a Brantford team with Wayne Gretzky on it! And by the way, none of the refs our team had at the provincials we have ever seen before!

  15. Well said Joe. I don’t referee lax, but I do ref volleyball, so I know exactly where you stand and how you feel. I have been a vball player for over 20 years, and it was not until I because an official did I truly understand the game. It is a far different perspective to be an official than it is for a fan, player or coach. As a ref, you are trained to look for certain things that these other people involved may not realize. I challenge any player, coach or fan that thinks they knowthe game better than an official to pick up the whistle and rule book and go nuts. It takes years of training and a certain kind of person to be a good official. Your game management grows with you the more experience you gain, and as unfortunate as it may be, sometimes things get missed. We are, only human, after all. It is a very rare occasion that an official can turn the tide of a game, and when you do this as a ref, you feel horrible about it, as I am sure Joe does.

    There is a reason why officials are hard to find and to retain. It is easier to be an observer than it is to make decisions regarding game management. This is certainly something that will help Joe in his development as an official and make him an even better official than he was before the game started.

    I always welcome feedback from spectators and coaches after a match ends as it helps in my own development. It is not constructive to a ref to tell him that his calls were horrendous, and in fact, I am sure Joe made some very good calls the entire weekend that nobody even bothered to comment on. The fact that he could state that he left the crease violation as a non-call for the sake of game management proves to me that he was very focussed on the game and does not deserve the critcism that is stemming from ignorance.

  16. Thank you for the good feedback guys, and yes, I do feel bad about it, but like I said before, there was nothing I could do about it.

  17. Anonymous, you are insinuating and assuming that officials are biased because they know someone on a team. I played varsity volleyball at Durham College and now referee their games, so does that mean that I always make sure I make calls in Durham’s favour? Absolutely NOT!! Just because a referee knows people and hugs them after a game doesn’t mean that the game will be unfair and biased. I chat with my old coach and usually hug him BEFORE the match starts, but it doesn’t mean I bring that familiar feeling into the game. In any sport I am sure that each governing body of the officials has a code of conduct that referees must follow, usually including conduct that does not allow for the kind of behaviour that would be called “biased” or “one-sided”.

    While the situation may have not been the most ideal, I don’t think that referees, which I will point out, don’t get paid huge sums of money and generally ref because they enjoy it and want to help kids (while giving up their own free time, keep in mind), would risk suspensions or being stripped of their badges just for a Tyke game.

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