Minor Star Of The Day Starts Friday

Max PowerWith the Ontario Lacrosse Festival only a couple of days away, I wanted to officially announce what I eluded to in our latest episode of “This Week In Lacrosse” this past week.

With the support of the great folks at “Sports Garden Cafe” at Iroquois Park, we will be having a “Minor Star of the Day”.  We will select each day a Star from the games we see.  That lucky boy or girl, player or goalie will be invited to come down to the Sports Garden Cafe and be interviewed.  That interview will be recorded and we will post it on our site; one each day.

In addition, our lucky winner will receive a voucher for a free lunch from the Sports Garden, and will also receive one of our brand new “Max Power” T-Shirts.  We will also invite the lucky winners team mates to join him or her, and do the intro for our daily video, so they can be a part of the fun.  

Look for Ron and I around the various pads at Iroquois Park starting Friday and be sure to come on over and say hi.  We will also take any recommendations for our daily winners, although we cannot make any guarantees.

See you at the rink!




  1. Maybe see you there this weekend! Can’t wait to see the Max shirts.

  2. Hey Mark,
    Make sure to check out our minor goalie for Clarington’s Bantam 1 team. He’s had a fantastic year & is a perfect candiate for your “minor star”.

    See you on the weekend…

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