Team Manitoba Bantam Manager Cathy Ezinicki-Buck

Manitoba LacrosseIn keeping with the upcoming Lacrosse Festival, our next interview we had was with the Manager of the Team Manitoba Bantams, Cathy Ezinicki-Buck. Cathy was kind enough to share a few words with me on the Team and coming here in a few days.

GM: Please inform everyone of the coaching staff for Team Manitoba.

CE: Head Coach = John Gujez
Asst. Coach = Jerry Loeppky
Asst. Coach = Terry Newman
Manager = Cathy Ezinicki-Buck

GM: What is the Team makeup from Manitoba? Is there a mix from across the entire Province?

CE: 2 players from Sagkeegn, Fort Alexander – Pine Falls MB
1 player from Belair MB
1 player from Albert Beach, MB
1 player from Selkirk, MB
1 player from La Salle, MB
2 players from West St.Paul
1 player from East St. Paul
all remaining are from the city of Winnipeg

GM: How many kids have had this experience in past years (i.e. returning players)?

CE: 10 players are returning and 10 are first timers

GM: Have you had much time together as a Team practicing, or have you had any other activities?

CE: Our team was selected June 1st. We practice 2-3 times a week which have included a few exhibition games.

GM: What kind of Team will we see from Team Manitoba in 2008?

CE: Hardworking, united, dedicated and skilled.

GM: Have you found the exposure to National Competition has increased numbers in your member Clubs?

CE: Yes, slowly it is starting to become more recognized. The players and parents whom have experienced the trip are recommending any player given the chance to take the opportunity and go. It really is the opportunity of a lifetime for not only the player but the parents and family as well. The players are treated as professionals; it’s really like no other event.

GM: What are the expectations from Team Manitoba at this year’s Festival?

CE: The Bantams – our goal is to play in the bronze medal game A side, or Gold medal game B side. If we succeed in either of these area’s we’ve met our expectations.

We are very excited for this year’s event. Most of our Bantams will be moving on to Midget next year so this is our last year to take it all in.

GM:  Cathy, best of luck at the Festival nad thanks for your time.

CE: Thank you.


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