Wamper’s Corner Episode 3

Wamp and I answer a couple of questions sent in about the shot clock and helmets. Wamp also turns the tables and asks all the folks out there his own trivia question. If you feel you know the answer, post a comment at the bottom of this post. Wamp will answer the question next week.

Of course, Wamp ends with a story!

[livevideo id=1EED61B8426C43D7B0F950F138B55649]



  1. Cam Devine

  2. Cam Devine

  3. Cam Devine and he played for Whitby.

  4. Larry Floyd of the Peterborough James Gang.

  5. Both good guesses but each player only won it once. Check the BIBLE.

  6. I’m going with John Fusco who played for Whitby

  7. Wamp, you’re being generous with the hints 🙂

  8. Would have thought the answer would have been posted by now. Adam Oates – Etobicoke who also still holds the record for the most points in a game.

  9. I thought of him as well. Wamper man, the suspense is killing us!

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