And The Winner Is….

First, I want to thank all of the entries, and specifically those that made the final six. As I mentioned, I would have been pleased with any one of the final six names. I will say that I have a few thoughts going on right now of ways to possibly use some of the other final six names on other ideas. More to come on that.

After some debate and discussions with some close associates to the site, I’ve come to a decision. From this day forward, our new Mascot will now officially be known as……

I slightly modified the entry by adding the last name of Power. I love the idea of this name being synonymous with lacrosse, as there is one way to play this game; with Max Power! Ok, well there are more ways to play than one, but that is the one I feel is best.

Congratulations to Bob Pryor who submitted the name Max. Bob will now receive an LITG T-Shirt with Max on it (although we had to wait for the decision on a name, so it might take a week or two Bob).


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  1. Not a very good name… Sick logo though but you killed it by giving it a horrable name

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