Ontario Well Represented in Canada Day Tournament

Three teams from Ontario competed this past Canada Day weekend in the Annual Calgary Box Lacrosse tournament.

Brampton Excelsiors sent their Peewee A, and Midget A teams, while the Guelph Regals sent their Bantam A team.

The Peewee Excelsiors cruised through their games winning 12-1 over the Sherwood Park Titans, 12-2 over the Kamloops Rattlers, 11-1 over the Calgary Axemen, and 15-0 vs. the Prince George Posse. Their Gold Medal final matched them up against the Coquitlam Adanacs from British Columbia. The Excelsiors came out on top in a close 6-5 final.

The Bantam Regals had games that were a little bit closer winning 8-3 against the Sherwood Park Titans, 6-3 over the Okotoks Mustangs, 3-2 vs. the Kamloops Rattlers, and 10-0 vs. the Calgary Sabrecats. Their Gold Medal final matched them up against the New Westminister Salmonbellies, also of British Columbia. The Regals were victorious as well winning 7-3.

Lastly, the Midget Excelsiors found things a little more challenging than the Bantams and Peewees did. They lost 5-4 to the Kamloops Rattlers, before defeating the Calgary Hornets 14-3, the Calgary Axemen 8-3, and the Red Deer Chiefs 8-0. Their loss put them in the Bronze Medal game against the Calgary Sabrecats. The Sabrecats won a close game 5-3.

I was able to attend this tournament last season with my Peewee team and it is a very well organized event. I know Ernie (Antonchuk) puts a ton of time into this for the kids. This year sounded like it was a little warm (40 degrees Celsius at times), but I’m confident a good time was had by all.

Ernie mentioned that teams are already booking for the 2009 tournament. If you are interested in your team attending, please email him at ipartner48@gmail.com



  1. I will tell you though. The Peewee final was a horrifying affair from an offiiciating standpoint. To have a 12 year old junior female official and a 14 year old was not even good enough to be bad planning. really put a black eye on what was a great game.

  2. Hey Peewee Dad,

    Interesting that you make that comment. When we were there last year I noticed quite a difference in Ontario officiating vs. Alberta officiating. It seemed that the calls were being made a lot closer in Alberta (i.e. the rule is the rule), whereas here there is a little more “flexibility” in the calling of the game.

    It is difficult for all, when there are different ways a game is called. However, we were guests there so we had to adapt. As long as it is consistent, at least you have the opportunity to adapt.

    Having said that, I guess a 12 year old and 14 year old (were they really that young?) calling a Peewee game is a little young. I wonder if Alberta is struggling to get officials like we are in Ontario.

  3. Yes they were really that young.
    My lil bro is on the Brampton Midget team that went out.
    For the most part though the 14 year old seem to have a good head on his shoulder the 12 year old was the cause of most of the problems I saw, especially that mix up with the too many players miscall/noncall.

    Overall it was quite a exciting event, good fans, mostly clean games, the exhibition match against team Alberta was very exciting to watch, too bad we lost (4-2). Building was nice, though not enough change rooms by each field with teams having to share change rooms between going onto the field and off the field on the last day.

    For any teams considering going out, I say do it for the team experience.

  4. yes it is true… we asked them….

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