The Launch Of “Wamper’s Corner”

For many folks out there, the nickname Wamper is synonymous with lacrosse. Larry Power is one of the most passionate followers our game has ever known. It is incredible; the amount he has provided by way of historical facts, and the statistics that would never be known had he not taken the time to compile all of this information. On top of all that, he attends lacrosse games like nobody I’ve seen since my father (my dad was insane when it came to going to games; I guess that is where I got it from).

When I first started this site I spoke with Larry about allowing me to use some of his information. He graciously said “go ahead, take whatever you need”. But that is Wamper; his satisfaction is simply in knowing that people actually are interested in what he is doing, and that it is of use for some out there in the lacrosse world.

If you talk with Larry you will always eventually get a story out of him that will leave you with a smile on your face, or in a few cases for me, sore sides from laughing so hard.

I approached Larry after he joined Ron and I for Episode 15 of This Week In Lacrosse, and asked him if he would be interested in doing a regular video called “Wamper’s Corner”. It took a while, but ultimately he agreed. And I am so pleased that he will be here regularly telling stories and sharing so much of the lacrosse information that he has amassed.

For our first episode, Larry brought out some collectible cards and programs.  Of course he shared a couple of good stories with me as well.

Episode One – Lacrosse Collectibles…..enjoy!

[livevideo id=F5FEB93109454C2D9B7A7B2C8F82C9C2]



  1. That really is lacrosse inside the game . Lacrosse has a great history and no one knows it better than my bud The Wamper . The music is killer Tooo!!!

  2. Way to go Wamper! No one I know is more deserving that you for admittance into the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Congrats, and love you much.

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