Why Do I Do This To Myself?

Durham Masters Lacrosse ClubI went into this past weekend with such a good feeling.  I was going to play in my first Masters Lacrosse Tournament in probably 4-5 years.  It was the annual Huntsville tournament being played this year at the Jack Bionda Arena, as well as in Bracebridge. 

I last played Junior Masters here in Whitby with all of my buddies.  We were a very good team, were very successful, and it was a really good time to be around many of my childhood friends still playing the game we love.  Of course the after game “meetings” were the most fun.

Having not played in quite a while, I decided to jump back in this weekend with the Durham Masters Senior team.  Durham is a new team that has a number of guys I’ve played with in the area.  We went 0-4 on the weekend but I’m not sure anyone on the team cares.  We had an absolutely great weekend, and five years later, the after game “meetings” are still the most fun.

I will say however that sometime Saturday afternoon I was questioning my own sanity, when I realized the pain I was in. One of my team mates said it best when he commented “I didn’t know I had a muscle there” wincing in pain. Yes, the Senior game is a little bit slower than those crazy Junior kids, but they still go pretty good. And as the weekend progressed things moved slower, joints ached more, and the smell of pain killing rubs overtook the smell of gloves that needed airing (that really was a good thing).

So Sunday on our way home, I was wondering just what I had committed to. But last night while reflecting, I realized I had had too much fun to not go back, and I think that is what catches everyone that plays this version of lacrosse. Everyone plays to win, but everyone enjoys themselves too. Masters lacrosse has a cameraderie like no other lacrosse.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering; a number of the guys I used to play with are still members of those crazy Junior kids I referred to. They’ve brought in some young guns to help out, but they’re still successful and still compete at a very high level. Oh, to be in shape!

All of the scores from the tournament can be seen in the post below this one…..



  1. Marksy, I think you summed up the weekend very well! I had a great time this weekend, even after finding those “muscles I didnt know I had” ( that someone else pointed out to me was probably a drinking muscle and not related to lacrosse at all!!). I must say, the highlight was in the final game when one of our guys threw the game ball to the cheering section after a spectacular goal ! Fun … WOW! Looking forward to the next tourney!

  2. Being one of those “old guys” who still braves stepping on the floor in risk of minor or serious injury for the shear excitement of playing a game which draw so many players across the province, I still look around with a sense of awe! Sure the amount of anti-inflammatories, icing, preventive taping, stretching, knee brace tweaks and other pre/post game routines are a necessity. And I don’t expect anyone but another lacrosse player to understand this. I’ve finally conceded my wife never will! But, it pales in comparison to the on-floor excitement of making a tic-tac-toe passing play which ends in a goal or the chats with friends on other teams during face-offs or the antics off the floor!

    Crap! When I get really old, there better be a walker division because if I’m still breathing, I’m in!

    PS. I was a nice “no look, back spin shot” which the Gait brothers would have been proud of!

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