The Final 6

Well it was one heck of a contest and I am very appreciative to all out there that took the time to submit an entry. I also thank everyone for their vote of their favorite name for our new Mascot. In all, across the three groups of entries we had a total of 841 votes submitted.

The three groups (total of 15) were the fifteen entries that I selected from forty five entries that I initially received. This really surprised me to get that number of entries, and at that point I figured this looks like it will be a serious contest.

Based on the votes, and selecting the top two from each group, the final six, in no particular order are as follows:

Sharp Shooter (by Dave Muir)
Lou C. (by Michelle Bretherick)
Max (by Bob Pryor)
Catgut (by both Dave Abramchuk and Meaghan Mercer)
Larry (by Dave Abramchuck, Colson Boyle, and David Finnessy)
Crosscheck (by Sheryl Moran, Jake Wynne, and Derek Murell)

Now it is up to me and few advisors. We will debate this for a few days as these are all very interesting names. I will say that I will be pleased with whatever one we choose from this list.


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  1. Lou C. Ball is the best in my opinion

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