This Week In Lacrosse Episode 20

From the world famous Iroquois Park Arena in Whitby again, we bring you episode 20 of This Week in Lacrosse. A game recap of Brooklin – Peterborough, some Junior A and B discussion, as well as some talk about Dove 2008 and our “Name the Mascot” contest.

[livevideo id=BD401E5AA02544659065E4AE02EC4039]



  1. Why does almost everything you talk about, whether it’s senior, junior a or junior b, only touch on stuff that is going on in the Oshawa area? Is that the theme of the site? Or does this site cover lacrosse as a whole in the summer? Just wondering.

  2. Gary and I live in the Bowmaanville / Whitby area so I guess it seems that we are one sided . Heck No if we could afford to travel we would . But we shall take your query as constructive criticism my friend, and try our best to keep everyone connected with the game well informed. Thank You from all of us @ LITG..

  3. Hey TH,

    To echo what Ron has said, I / we would love to travel the Province, even the Country watching and reporting on games. It really would be sweet. We do try to touch on standings and scores but to go into detail on games that we’ve not seen would be not be fair to the games or people that view the site.

    There is a lot of info and comments that have been made on Minor Lacrosse, and that is because I’ve been able to see a lot of it.

    The sad reality is that we cannot get to all of the Junior and Senior games due to “real jobs” that at this point pay us.

    That is why I’ve been looking for folks to tell us what goes on in their area of the Province or Country so that this is a shared resource for all. Believe me, I get a little tired of hearing about one area as well, and I’m in it.

    Listen, if you want to email me and are interested in doing some stories about the area you are in, by all means (for any level of lacrosse). I’m not promising anything, but I’ll definitley consider adding your write ups here.


  4. I think this is one of the best site for information, and what Gary and Ron do is great for the game.
    They do travel as I see it, ask I know Gary coaches and puts up alot of info from that also.
    Keep up the great work.

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