1979 Minto Cup Final – Game Video

I am extremely pleased that I have been able to obtain a copy of the complete 1979 Minto Cup Final game; the Burnaby Lakers vs. the Peterborough Centurions (although I knew them as the Century 21’s). The game that year was played at Max Bell Arena in Calgary, Alberta, and was a Round Robin format.  A third team from Alberta won only one game, ironically against Burnaby.  The Final game was broadcast on CBC with Don Wittman and Morely Kells calling the action.

The two team lists are below, and were provided by the Wamper (Larry Power). Larry has the program from this final game.

  Peterborough   Burnaby
1 Shawn Quinlan 1 Greg Pryde
2 Dan Sabadash 2 Barry Mawinney
3 Brian Cowie 4 Steve Laleune
4 Dave Jamieson 5 Gord Roberts
5 Steve Smith 6 Wayne Hinada
7 Larry Floyd 7 Lyle Robinson
8 Warren Ferguson 8 John Purdon
9 Dave Kayser 9 Mike O’Reilly
11 Frank Kylie 10 Loyd Simons
12 Todd Batley 11 Gary Purdon
14 Mark Evans 12 Guy Prentice
15 Dan Floyd 14 Paul Dalmonte
16 Mark Armitage 15 John Swan
17 Paul McDougall 16 Murray McRitchie
18 Blair Larock 17 Doug Pringle
19 Bernie Downer 19 Bruce Turris
20 Steve Hardill 20 Paolo Brunoro
21 John Munroe 21 Dan McLenaghen
22 Gerrard Cowie 30 Jim Bebbyck
30 Dave Baker 35 Rod Banister
  Bob Clevely   Chris Cowie
  Wayne Batley   Derek Milani
Coach Mark Vitarelli   Doug Deschner
Manager Ken Pappas Coach Dan Mattinson
Trainer Lee Vitarelli Trainer Wally Russel
    Trainer Dal Martin
    Manager Jack Crosby
    Asst Mgr Ben Backman
    Equipment Mike Krgovich

I had to break these files up due to the size. I was able to get the entire first period in one file upload, but the second and third periods are both two files.


Period 1

[livevideo id=CA6F69043FA848A9A886AC7660353E11]

Period 2 (Part 1)

[livevideo id=1615E874D96944CE9D94CF61A8126A11]

Period 2 (Part 2)

[livevideo id=FCDF4604583B426588FED1E23B264D3B]

Period 3 (Part 1)

[livevideo id=F3C3253131A44C23A0F1D5A703E94392]

Period 3 (Part 2)

[livevideo id=4A8BBCCAF9664E37A81D303EA7591257]



  1. Marksy,

    I’d like a copy of this DVD as my brother played on the team and I want to give a copy to the Peterborough and District Sports Hall of Fame.

    Barry Larock
    Peterborough Lakers AGM
    Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association Executive

  2. Why do these not work. My dad was the goalie for Burnaby, Greg Pryde, and I was wanting to watch these videos.

  3. What a great memory for me. It was a great time. Dan Sabadash #2 Peterborough

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