D.O.V.E. 2008, A Huge Success

Dove - 2008Well it was many months in the making, and Friday (June 13 / 2008), as well as Satrurday (June 14 / 2008), it became a reality. The D.O.V.E. (Determined To Oppose Violence Everywhere) lacrosse game went off without a hitch, and in the words of organizer Jim Zacher, it was even more than they could have imagined.

The many hours of work by Jim, Grady Robson and so many others from the Aurora Masters Lacrosse League paid off in what turned out to be a great 25 hour game of lacrosse. Every player I spoke with had nothing but positive things to say about their experience over the time they spent around the entire event.  It was an amazing effort by all of the roughly 194 players, referees, time keepers, photographers, and all other volunteers to come together and raise funds for such a great cause…..kids!

The game ended fittingly in a tie at 292 goals apiece. More importantly, at the games completion, Jim, Grady, and a few of the other organizers presented the CCAA with a cheque for $40,000.

I was very proud to have seen this event, and caught some video footage, that I hope can do it justice.

Congratulations to all of the participants. To the Aurora Masters Lacrosse family, you did a great job, and I know that the CCAA (www.abusehurts.com) is so apppreciative of all of your efforts.

I will apologize, as twice in this video I refer to the CCAA (Canadian Centre For Abuse Awareness) as the CCAC. My apologies to the fine people at that organization.

[livevideo id=F47132334E0A465080F87F840DF67F66]



  1. That was the most incredible event I have ever participated in. It was great to participate in, especially the overnight, from 11PM-9AM. I hope to be able to do it again if it comes to pass (as it has been rumoured… 😀 ) and I’ll try to do it every year that they have it.

  2. Greetings,

    On behalf of the DOVE excutive committee I would like to thank the players, volunteers, and community for their support and dedication! You made this event reach far beyond anyone’s expectations!

    Yes, we are a “GO” for next year! Give us a month to recharge before we ask for your assistance again!

    Ellen Campbell, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, was overwhelmed with the out pouring of support for her agency.

    We are a stronger and better individuals when overcoming difficult issues as a community! This event proves what we are truly capable of!


    DOVE Executive

  3. I know I am repeating what has already been said, but wow – what an experience! The lacrosse community never ceases to amaze me with it’s outpouring of support and generosity. After only minutes on the bench, I felt like I knew my teammates for years. Players were brand new, and very experienced. It didnt’ matter – everyone was included on the floor and felt like they were part of the (rotating) team. Each year, I hear of several different charity lacrosse events – always a great success due to the people who share the love of the game!

    Thanks to Jim and everyone else who organized this historic event. I will never forget it, and look forward to participating again and again

  4. I would like to thank all the people who helped to make the longest Lacrosse game a huge sucsess.

    From all the Six Nations Rez Dogs SR. Masters team we salute you!!!!

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