Art Brown (St. Catharines) Tournament Schedule / Results

I’m taking a leap of faith that I can get these scores this weekend as well. If not, a schedule is nice! If anyone is there and can update me, please email.


  Score   Score
Hamilton London
Orangeville  9 Hamilton
London Orangeville 10 
Hamilton   Elora  
Orangeville  5 Sarnia  0
Whitby   Hamilton  
Oakville St. Cathairnes  7
St. Catharines  4 Whitby  6
Oakville  7 Whitby  4
London   Oakville  
St. Catharines   Elora  
Elora Orangeville
Whitby  9 Sarnia  1
Sarnia  2 Oakville  6
Elora   London  
Sarnia   St. Catharines  
Oakville   Elora  
St. Catharines  2 Orangeville
Orangeville Oakville
Bantam Score   Score
St. Catharines Elora  1
St. Catharines   Beaches  
Elora 12  Newmarket  6
Oakville  0 St. Catharines  8
Newmarket  6 N-O-T-L  8
Newmarket  10 Oakville  7
N-O-T-L   Toronto Beaches  
Elora   Oakville  
N-O-T-L   St. Catharines  
Beaches   Newmarket  
Oakville  7 N-O-T-L
Beaches  7 Elora  4
2nd Pl Div 1   1st Pl Div 2  
2nd Pl Div 2   1st Pl Div 1  
St. Catharines   N-O-T-L  
Midget Score   Score
St. Catharines  4 Mississauga
Whitby   K-W  
Akwesasne  5 St. Catharines
Mississauga  8 Whitby
Akwesasne   K-W  
St. Catharines   Whitby  
K-W   Mississauga  
Whitby   Akwesasne  
K-W St. Catharines
Akwesasne   Mississauga  
K-W Mississauga  2
K-W Whitby  8

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