The Real Story Behind The Portland Coaching Staff

After reading on another web site about the “firing” of the two Assistant Coaches of the Champion’s Cup Finalist Portland Lumberjax, I thought something was not right. A team that just came within two goals of winning the Champions Cup firing Coaches?

So rather than assume the coaches were actually fired, and seeing as no source from the Lumberjax was quoted, I decided to do something novel, and ask someone within the oranization.  I spoke with the Head Coach and General Manager Derek Keenan, who offered the following response:

“Jeff McComb and Jeremy Tallevi were not fired by the Portland Lumberjax organization or by me. Being fired usually means you are under contract and their contracts have expired. They are both outstanding coaches. They are extremely bright lacrosse minds and are diligent workers. If they were not top notch coaches I would not have kept them with me for 4 years. This was strictly a business decision by the organization. It was no longer financially viable to fly coaches in from Ontario and that is the only reason. I would go to war with those 2 guys any day of the week!”



  1. Gary,

    Tyke Silver score Hamilton 7 Milton 6.

    See you at IPA Wednesday!

  2. wrong spot, meant to put under the Innisfil tournamnet comments.

    But to make this relevent, I’ll add… Tallevi will be at IPA Wednesday coaching with the Six Nations Chiefs

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