This Week In Lacrosse Episode 18

Once again, Ron and I hook up at Rickard Arena in Clarington for another weekly show. Our last discussion on the NLL for the 2008 season, now it’s time for Minor, Junior, and Major.

[livevideo id=1BB934E63BFE4E2B8BC3FD544D8C5141]


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  1. I just love that opening what a blast. I hope the NLL cheerleaders are all watching and come a callin to get their selves on the show !!! Duh I said terri workman won the NLL prize for the Gaels !!! wishful thinking on my part . I meant the Toronto Rock, and how kind she and the team have been in accomadating us . The summer teams could use a few good people like Terri to help the entertainment part of the game once again grow legs with some interesting Promos and events, all sugesstions are welcomed by your local teams. Summer + Lacrosse = Pricless Times .

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