This Week In Lacrosse Episode 16

On location from the Gaels Home Opener for 2008 against the Mississauga Tomahawks.  We have a few guests join us for the post game.  Not a lot of talk about the NLL this week as the “men of summer” kicked off another season last night (sorry baseball, but we are not boys).

In any case, week 16 jumps right in part way throuhg our intro, as the tape was bad, and it is time ot replace that one methinks!

[livevideo id= 98B8433663B84D859EB5AB1F6F116255]



  1. Of course, everyone in Canada knows about Wamper and me, so my comments are way biased, but as usual, Wamper has cool stories to tell, and for those who do not know, it is a 50 mile walk from Oshawa to Toronto. Can’t get anymore diehard fan than that. And to Ron, love that voice. You guys have a great program and it takes dedication to keep it going. Oh, yeah, and hi, Bernie, who happens to be one of the best guys I know, but don’t tell him I said so. Wouldn’t want him to get the big head. Can’t wait to get back to Canada and see you all, well, especially Wamper.
    And yes, keep Wamper coming back.

  2. Absolutely keep Wamper on as a regular. I look forward to more updates on “REAL” lacrosse, as the Gaels, Warriors and Redmen start up again.

  3. We have a ton of fun at the Rock games but I tell ya its the summertime that Gary and I love first and the most. Look for lots of reports from as yet unknown locations At an arena near you soon!!!.

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