Lacrosse Is More Than “Just A Game”

I was sitting here doing a little reflecting as in the next few days (I have to be sure to add that little bit), yours truly hits the big four-ohhhhh (yeah that’s 40, it’s just easier to say it if I hang onto the ohhhh a little longer).

After coming to the realization that I am no longer going to be a lacrosse star, a movie star, a Rock star, a fashion model, and so many other things that I once thought I might be, I started looking back at what I have, and those around me.

Of course, anyone able to, would tell you it all starts with family. I’ve got the greatest wife ever, and three kids, that only “sometimes” drive me crazy. This is completely acceptable, because I know that I “usually” drive them crazy. But I’m old now, isn’t that my right?

Aaaaanyway, I also got thinking about my love of this great game originally called baggataway. And I started thinking of just what it has done for me. It has landed me my two best life long friends. Two guys I met playing lacrosse back in Novice I think. Two guys that are like brothers I never had. And although we don’t see each other anywhere near as much as we used to, we all still live here in Whitby, we all have families now, and we all, believe it or not, as of this year, have kids playing lacrosse here (and it’s about time for the one of you two that took so long….you know who you are).

I got to thinking of the memories I have of this game.  Teams that I’ve been a part of, places I’ve been, and the many people I’ve met. Every season that I have been involved in this game in any capacity, I come away with a new memory and more experiences than I could ever have imagined.

I recently heard about a possible career move from a good friend. It was a lacrosse friend. I spoke with a couple of other people about the position and I am really hoping something comes from this as it sounds like a fabulous opportunity. Oh, the two folks I spoke to about the position….lacrosse people. And for the record, this is not a lacrosse position.

The point to my story is that lacrosse isn’t just a game, it’s a cultural fabric in our society. It is an opportunity for young kids to begin to network, and begin to nurture relationships. These relationships can and usually do develop into someting more than just a season of being teammates.  In my case, many of my former teamamtes, and even opponents have remained close friends. You see lacrosse is a game that many do not understand unless they’ve played it, or at least been around it with their kids, family, etc.  It is a huge family.

So when I hear that kids do not get the opportunities to play (any sport for that matter), it is not simply a sport that these young people are missing out on. It is an opportunity for them to develop their athletic skills sure; but maybe more importantly it allows them to develop their social skills. Maybe it teaches them teamwork, dedication, commitment, focus.  Maybe it teaches them how to to deal with conflict, how to control their emotions.  Maybe it teaches them responsibility, structure, and so many more life skills that we all need to be successful at anything.

Later on in life, lacrosse does not guarantee you anything. But I truly believe it can give you the self esteem, self confidence and even pride to be able to deal with many people, in many situations, about many things.

So when someone tells you that “Lacrosse is not just a game…It’s a Way Of Life”, it’s no joke.  Lacrosse really is a way of life, and a great way to enjoy many hours of your life.  The rewards of how this game can help you go way beyond final scores.

I’ve heard many times that there is no one person bigger than the game itself.  It must be fact, because no one person could have done so much for so many, including me! 

Oh, and one last point; although I once played lacrosse pretty well, and always felt I had a good singing voice, heck I even thought I could have been a good actor…..I knew I’d never be a fashion model! Can’t you tell?


(Soon To Be) Old Man Marksy!



  1. Hey best of the day to you ,you young punk. Everything you said is true my life has changed with my association with the game . As I sit here I am thinking about the great people in my life ,most of them come from the game and that includes you Gary .40? thats the new 30 isnt it? Happy Birtthday partner !!

  2. I thought you were turning 50 hahahaha Just kidding.

    I agree that lacrosse is an opportunity, a way of life, etc., etc. You could say that about any sport, really. Hell, you could say that about any sort of passion you might have in life that is shared by others.

    I understand how others may not understand it unless they play it because my long time love (yes, lacrosse is like my mid-life crisis since I have only recently started to enjoy the game) is volleyball. I’ve sort of put it aside since discovering lacrosse, but I still bleed volleyballer blood. Volleyball is also a widely misunderstood and passed over sport. It’s a highly technical game that sure, everyone can play, but only a few can be good at. It’s the same for lacrosse. I play, but I have never said I’m good at it. Maybe I would have if I’d have started playing earlier in life like I did volleyball.

    But to the point, I find many similarities between lax and vball in the sense that they are both smaller communities of people that are tight knit. I have gained friends for life through volleyball, and I would say it is for many of the same reasons you have found lifelong friends in lacrosse. I think both sports teach young players a lot of class and can certainly allow for our youth to build a strong foundation for being respectful and respected people in our society.

    I can agree that when you meet the right group of people, the reward goes way beyond the final score. It was thanks to your inaugural first co-ed season that I was able to befriend some amazing people. Even though we lost our final game, we all felt like we had already won. And the feeling that was produced by knowing that we could help some child possibly have the same feeling that we do when we play, was the bigger victory, I think.

  3. Here! Here! Marksey, I agree with you 100 percent. I took up the game “later” in life and was new to the Durham Region. I cannot begin to count the number of friends I acquired through, not only playing lacrosse, but coaching and watching the men’s league. It is a way of life and, as I’m sure you can attest to, takes up the majority of our time for at least 6 months of the year. We may complain about being so busy, but deep inside we absolutely love it.
    Don’t worry about the big 4 ohhhhh, it’s not so bad.


    Kathy C

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