Roughnecks In, Rock Out!

Please welcome our newest addition to the LITG team; Calgary correspondent Tommy Frank. I must send out a big Thank You to the Calgary Roughnecks organization and Mitch Redshaw. They allowed LITG to send Tom to the final home game for the Roughnecks and file the report below. – Marksy

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The weather in Calgary, did not stop 11,808 fans from coming to Calgary’s final home date of the 2008 season. However, it did slow me down. I arrived as Toronto’s newest member, Lewis Ratcliff, scored his third goal of the game making the score 3-0 for the visitors. Ratcliff probably wanted to remind the locals why he was the Roughnecks all-time leading scorer before the trade.

Calgary didn’t get their first goal until 3:49 of the 1st quarter; a nice backhand shot from captain Tracey Kelusky. The Roughnecks scored their second goal with 28 seconds remaining in the quarter. The score was 3-2 Rock after one.

Toronto started the 2nd quarter as they did in the 1st with 3 more goals. Calgary responded at the ten minute mark, scoring 2 goals 9 seconds apart. The Rock would score 1 power play goal while the Roughnecks would answer with 2 more goals in the quarter. With 17.3 seconds remaining in the 2nd, a good effort was made by Toronto with the extra attacker. The score was 7-6 Toronto going into the half.

The scoring went back and forth to start the 3rd. Toronto’s 10th goal was scored with the extra man as Calgary was being called for a delayed penalty. The Rock would continue with the power play as the infraction turned out to be a 5 minute major to Tracey Kelusky for high-sticking. It was a great opportunity for the visitors to build on their 10-8 lead at this point. Despite their efforts, Calgary was able to kill off the major and head into the 4th quarter still down by two.

Jim Veltman would score his only goal of the game to start the 4th quarter. That would be it for Toronto’s offence. Calgary continued to chip away scoring goals at 11:55, 5:06 and the equalizer with 2:35 remaining in the game. The cheers grew louder as the final minutes were played in the Saddledome. The Roughnecks had the opportunity to finish the game in regulation, gaining possession of the ball with 42 seconds left. However, the ball was turned over and Toronto was able to call a timeout and place the extra man on the floor with 20 seconds in the game. With neither team unable to produce, we were going to Overtime.

Tracey Kelusky would score the game winner through traffic in the slot at 12:04 in OT. Calgary clinched a playoff spot with the combination of their win and Edmonton’s loss to Colorado. Toronto is now out of playoff contention with the loss.

It was an exciting game with back and forth action throughout. Only 5 penalties were called including the Roughnecks 5 minute major.

Top Scorers:
Rock: Ratcliff 4-2, Blaine Manning 1-3 and Rob Marshall 1-2.
Roughnecks: Kelusky 2-4, Josh Sanderson 2-3 and Scott Ranger 3-1.

Unfortunatley, we were unable to get our cameras into the game, but we did get a quick audio interview with the newest member of the Roughnecks, Josh Sanderson. It is below:

Josh Sanderson Audio Interview

-Tommy Frank



  1. Glad to see Tommy still involved in LAX. I know he was involved with teh Jr. team for a while. I think Alan was too. Didn’t you play with Tommy, Marksy?

  2. Hey Wayne,

    It is the same Tom that played with us many moons ago. Tom is now in Calgary and of course, playing Masters Lacrosse.

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