This Week In Lacrosse Episode 15

My oh my, what I feel has been our most enjoyable episode yet. We are on location at the “Gaylord Powless Lounge” in Oshawa, Ontario. Wamper joins Ron and I and boy do we have a couple of good laughs. I guarantee you this; we will be talking with Wamper again. There are just way too many stories still to be told.

Enjoy the episode.

[livevideo id=1D2CE0F8EB6B45AC83CA4C9A90F497FF]



  1. I am still laughing it was great to see my pal Larry after 6 months in the deep south . He has a thousand more lacrosse and Oshawa stories .

  2. Great interview with the Wamp.
    I can recall, when I learned about the Gaylord Powless Lounge in Oshawa, no matter how hard I tried to find the lounge I just couldn’t locsate it.

    One day, Larry invited me up to his place for an evening of lacrosse talk, and I said……”:Wamp……….whjere is the Gaylord Powless Lpiimge/?

    He ;laughed and said.

    Baggy you are sitting in it.

  3. That’s my Daddio!!!! I love you Dad. 🙂

    So proud that you are still so dedicated to lacrosse after all these decades! Your humour and love for the sport will never end. You are like a walking historic lacrosse library with all your knowledge and wizdom of your favorette sport.

    Sarah Marie

  4. Great interview! I would like to see the Gaylord Powless Lodge. Wampers stories are pricesless. Thanks for creating this interesting video. Is this the same guy (Larry Power) who is the author of the “Bible of Lacrosse – A Complete Statistical Histopry of the O.L.A. Major/Senior A and Professional Lacrosse” is it not? BRILLIANT MAN!


  5. […] approached Larry after he joined Ron and I for Episode 15 of This Week In Lacrosse, and asked him if he would be interested in doing a regular video called “Wamper’s […]

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