This Week In Lacrosse Episode 14

Is it ever going to make any sense? In the crazy world we call the National Lacrosse League, things get more confusing on a weekly basis. This past week was no different.

With the help of some of the Whitby Bantam 1 players in our intro, Ron and I try to break down what went on, and what is coming up.

[livevideo id=7603264350B24549B986C0EC921885B2]



  1. marksy, consider yourself lucky you haven’t seen the Minnesota jerseys. They look like something from the hippie era. My only hope is that they gave out sunglasses with them. Or maybe 3D glasses. Perhaps there’s a hidden design or something. Wow, not a fan AT ALL! (my apologies to anyone in Minnesota …)

  2. Those jerseys made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  3. Ha Ha . They are definatley classic collectors items . But do they rank up there with the all time stinkeroo shirts that the Canucks used to sport ??

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