Lewis Ratcliff On His Trade To Toronto

Photo courtesy of M40 ImagesLewis Ratcliff

Earlier this week, we spoke with Josh Sanderson about his trade to Calgary. Earlier today I had the chance to talk to the player coming to Toronto, Lewis Ratcliff.

As I mentioned the other day, Lewis is a true sniper in the game today. Toronto fans you might say have not seen a goal scorer the likes of Ratcliff, since the departure of Colin Doyle to San Jose.

Currently third in league scoring, he has 29 goals in 12 games, and is on pace to challenge his 50 goal season just last year with Calgary.

A few words, with the latest addition to the Toronto Rock, Lewis Ratcliff. 

GM: Did you know that there was a possibility of you being traded?

LR: I had heard a few rumors thoughout the day but really didn’t know too much. For obvious reasons the teams try to not say too much.

GM: You’ve only played for Calgary since entering the NLL. How did you feel when you got the news?

LR: I had mixed emotions for sure. I loved my time in Calgary and loved my team mates / coaches and our training staff, but on the other hand I was super excited to be heading to Toronto. The ACC is an unbelievable place to play, and the Rock are always a first class organization.

GM: When did you find out and who passed on the news to you?

LR: I received a text from a buddy early in the day, but then when the deadline passed I thought it wasn’t going to happen. Later I received a call at work saying it was actually a done deal.

GM: Have you talked to any of your now former team mates since the news has come out?

LR: I have spoken to quite a few of my Calgary teammates as well as Troy, Kurt and Brad Banister either by email or on the phone.

GM: Explain your thoughts on going to Toronto.

LR: Like I already mentioned I am excited to be part of the Rock team and cant wait to get started. I’m a little nervous but once I get a game or two under my belt I will be fine.

GM: You were a fan favorite in Calgary. Do you have anything to say to the fans of the Roughnecks?

LR: Calgary’s fans are unbelievable!! They were new to the game when we first got there but they are die hard. I would just like to thank them for all their support over the years and hopefully they go easy on me when I come back on the 19th.

GM: Lewis, I wish you the best of luck with Toronto.

LR: Thank You.


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