This Week In Lacrosse Episode 10

OK, so a very long 30 minute episode this week. We recap last weeks games, look to this week, and have our “half way” recap. Grandpa Ron introduces the baby, I make a couple of apologies………and……

We announce we’re giving away two free tickets to Fridays Toronto – NY Titans game at the ACC. You’ll have to watch the video to see how to get entered to win them.  Just remember….your comment must be in the Week 10 Episode before 5:00 pm est Thursday to be eligible.

Two last things

1) I know the lighting sucks this week, I didn’t know the new banner would steal it all. Oh well, we probably look better in the shade anyway 🙂
2) We had to reduce the quality a bit due to the 30 minutes of video

[livevideo id= 3DB130C109E74633B55C807A2B621599]



  1. I love the analysis you guys do every week, it helps me with my El Predicto Jr. stuff on the NLLMB! Just a quick question: Where are those tickets?

  2. Marksy, like the St. Patty’s day jersey. Also like the longer format for the show, and the quality is something I don’t mind losing to hear you two for half an hour instead of 10 minutes. Love the Adanac’s jersey Ronnie, representing the Sr. and Jr. ranks is nice to see.

  3. Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to say that you guy’s do a great job promoting the greatest game on earth. You do the lacrosse fanatics proud.

  4. you guys are 1 of the best at promoting this great game.

  5. Hey Guys,

    Like what I see, maybe 30 min. might be a little long but you pack alot of info in there.
    Summer time might be an hour news show if you get into major and jr scores. Alot of info on this site still finding new stuff to see everytime I come here.
    Its great you have the inside track to do remotes and get up close and personal at the ACC
    Keep up the good work
    Hey Marksy, wonder what the rest of the house looks like. (maybe more light in the kitchen lol)
    Congrats Ron on the new addition
    Watch out apologizing so much Marksy or people will be calling for an inquiry and maybe your resignation. We wouldn’t want that

    Good Job Guys
    nice to see someone with passion for the game , winter and summer.


  6. I’m looking forward to seeing your one hour show in the summer when you are covering both Junior and Senior leagues as well as the Minor content. Doing a great job, keep it up.


  7. The tickets are the comps that the Rock supply me with . They are in Sec 310 Row 1 so they are in the front row right above where Two for the Show play .. Enjoy the game

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