DOVE 2008 (Determined To Oppose Violence Everywhere)

Dove - 2008

Note: This event is being organized by Jim Zacher, Grady Robson, and the Aurora Masters Lacrosse Community. It sounds like a great event, and we applaud them for the concept, and work they’ve done to coordinate this event. Please support it in any way you can…..

We are from Aurora Masters Lacrosse. Most of us have been playing lacrosse for more years than we care to acknowledge, but we still love the game, sharing the game with others and giving back to the community. Our association has been in Aurora for over four years now and we were looking for other ways of enhancing the sense of community.

Lacrosse IS the fastest game on two feet! But to be successful, players must possess qualities such as endurance and stamina. During a 25 hour game format, well, you can imagine the determination required to complete this task.

Unfortunately, these efforts pale in comparison to work completed by the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness ( We applaud the support they provide to women and children who have suffered from the effects of violence. Today we announce the beginning of an annual event where we celebrate both groups’ determination to go the distance!

We have planned this event for two reasons: First, we would like to support an honorable organization called the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (CCAA Information Pamphlet) and the wonderful work they do! Second, we would like to increase the awareness of Canada’s original national sport by playing the longest recorded box game in modern history. If everything proceeds as planned, the officials from a well respected record acknowledging organization will confirm our efforts.

We hope this will spark another community of lacrosse players to challenge our feat while raising funds for a local charity. Quite frankly, we’ll be rather disappointed if next year rolls around and this is not the case!

We have scheduled our 25 hour lacrosse game to start on Friday June 13 at 3:00 pm and will run until 4:00 pm Saturday June 14, 2008. This will be a single continuous game between two independent teams officiated under the sanction of the Ontario Lacrosse Association’s Masters Division and will be verified by a well respected record acknowledging organization. Teams will be composed of Masters players from across the province, local minor players, in addition to players from the NLL and both celebrity runners and coaches.

This event will be held at the Aurora Community Centre (Google Map Coordinates) which is located in the town above the city above Toronto! Besides the game, there will be other means of extracting money from your wallets through donations, draws, food and a wide selection of DOVE 2008 souvenirs for sale.

The success of this event is directly related to how the community pulls together! No person is an island and in times of need everyone should heed the call to help!

What can you do? Register to play, make a donation online, volunteer your time, buy a souvenir, donate a product or service to help us raise more funds for this event! Check out the Registration Section for more information. Most importantly, tell your friends and bring them all down to participate in any way you can!



  1. What an amazing idea. I’m sure this event will take off and prove to an exceptional endeavor for years to come. Can’t wait for the game and the lacrosse community all across the GTA to come out and show their suppot.

    As always, congrats to all those volunteers and organizers that are making this happen.

    Q. Maechtel

  2. Just found out about your game. Sounds like a great idea. Wish you well.

    David Gough

  3. AAHH. The smell of linament and sweat. It was a great 26 hours and every body had a stupendous time. We all walked (some straighter then others) away healthy and happy knowing it helped CCAA and promoted the great game of lacrosse. A big THANK YOU to the organizers, the sponsors and all the volunteers behind the scenes. Can’t wait for next year. PLAY FAST PLAY HARD and have fun Tied at 292, whoe’d of thought

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