L.I.T.G. Sponsors Two Kids To Play Lacrosse

I am very pleased to announce that at the 2008 Minor Lacrosse registration held last weekend here in Whitby, Lacrosse – Inside The Game helped two kids to play our great game.

Through proceeds from our 2007 Co-Ed Outdoor Fall League, we were able to pay the registration fees for two kids who otherwise would not have been able to play.  In speaking with WMLA President Tina Manning, I was assured that there were a couple of families that had asked to be considered as they were having a challenge making ends meet.

In 2007 we received sponsorships from two Master Leagues as well as a Private business (you can see them under our Thanks page above) to sponsor a child in Whitby, Clarington, and West Durham.  While we were sure that they would have done the same for us again, this season we tried to do it oursleves and were able to pull it off.

The decision to keep the registrations here in Whitby was simply based on two criteria;

1) this league was here and mainly consisted of people in Whitby, and
2) WMLA had received the requests from two families already.

I wanted to thank all of the ladies and gents that played in our Outdoor League, and let them know that a portion of their fees went to a very positive need. 

My hope is that next year we can do the same thing, possibly on a larger scale, and to include other centres.




  1. Thanks Marksy…..I am glad that i was apart of it…..hopefully, like you mentioned, we get help out more kids in the future! GREY GOOSE!!

  2. That’s great Gary. I’m glad to see our efforts paid off.

    Grey Goose rocks!

  3. Hey Marksy…Nice job ! You should be proud of your efforts! Well done bud.


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