This Week In Lacrosse Episode 8

Well folks it was bound to happen. Due to the lack of response on our “request for jerseys”, Ron does this weeks segment under protest. I only hope that folks out there can donate or lend us some jerseys in the future, as he might next ask me to join him and go shirtless…..this would not be good for ratings!

[livevideo id=7B62A269AA184CE885E15D37D6D50831]



  1. Philadelphia is 5-0 not 6-0 and that game was far from a stinker. Some of the best goals of the season and outside of his fourth period, Nick Patterson was putting together one of the best games by a keeper I’ve seen in years. Did you watch the game?

  2. TH – No I did not see the game, so thanks for the info!

    My comments were only based on the final score and the eleven goals in the final quarter for Philly, which would kind of suggest a bit a of a stinker (if you’re a Swarm fan).

    I had heard that Nick did play well prior to that.

  3. I keep telling you that the Pink Jersey is always available 🙂

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