Minnesota Swarm’s Craig Point

Craig Point
This Week on “Ask The Pro’s” we had a chance to chat with a player whom many feel will be the 2008 NLL Rookie Of The Year; the Swarm’s Craig Point.  The rookie who just turned 22 last month was highly touted coming out of Ontario Junior Lacrosse (winning a Minto Cup) and has stormed into the NLL making many take notice early.

Born in a hotbed of lacrosse, (Six Nations, Ontario), he surprisingly did not start lacrosse like most youngsters at a real early age.  Instead, he started when most kids had been already playing for three or four years.

As mentioned, Craig has really impressed all who have seen him this season on the lacrosse floor.  But what is even more impressive is his dedication to his family and “real job” as an Iron Worker.  As with almost every player in Professional lacrosse today, Craig has had to balance playing the game he excels at, his family life, and his career.  Luckily for fans of the game, and in particular the Swarm, he can!

GM: Tell us a little about your Minor Lacrosse experiences as a youngster.

CP: I started playing lacrosse when i was in Novice. Wasn’t the best player in the league but through a lot of practice and listening to different players and coaches they molded me into what i am today.

GM: Who did you look up to or idolize when you started playing?

CP: Delby Powless Jr. has always been a player that i looked up to.

GM: There are so many folks that have no idea about the lacrosse culture in Six Nations. Explain if you can the atmosphere in the summer (and now even Winter months) in the lacrosse arenas.

CP: There are always a lot of kids looking up to you and always wanting your attention…The fans at Six Nations are the best fans anyone could ever ask for.

GM: Your last four seasons of junior lacrosse were very successful for you. Describe the feeling of capturing the Minto Cup in your last season of Junior.

CP: It almost didn’t feel real…It was quite and adventure but i finally did it…It might have taken 4 tries but it is a memory that i will have for the rest of my life.

GM: What has surprised you the most about playing in the NLL.

CP: I am very surprised at how well I have been playing as I didn’t think that I would be as successful as I have been. The players and the fans are giving me a lot of respect and acknowledgement and I didn’t expect that because this is my first year in the league.

GM: Compare the National Lacrosse League to Junior A lacrosse in Ontario if you can.

CP: There are a lot of similarities in both leagues. Both make you feel like you’re a part of a big family.

GM: How have you found lacrosse in Minnesota so far?

CP: I really like the crowd there…they are really into the game. The people are nice and welcoming to us newcomers. It is more surprising because people know who I am.

GM: Do you feel there has been pressure put upon you being a 1st overall draft pick? If so, how are you dealing with it?

CP: No…I don’t feel pressured at all…If anything it makes me play harder. I go out there and play the game and play it like it’s my last.

GM: Explain playing for coach Duane Jacobs.

CP: He is pretty straight forward. He tells us what we need to do when we fall into trouble…he always seems to be able to pull us out.

GM: Give the kids out there that dream to play in the NLL any advice you feel could help them attain that dream.

CP: Practice as much as you can and never think that you are better than anyone else. You should never put your stick down or mistreat it because if you are good to your stick then it will be good to you.

Fun Questions

GM: What do you enjoy doing outside of lacrosse?

CP: Spending irreplaceable time with my family, playing other sports and working.

GM: Give us your most memorable lacrosse experience to date.

CP: Winning the Minto Cup.

GM: If you were not a Professional Lacrosse player, what other sport would you play?

CP: Basketball or Football

GM: If you could interview any sports related person, dead or alive, who would it be, and what would you ask them?

CP: Michael Jordan. How do you handle so much pressure?

GM: What is the one thing you’d like people to know about Craig Point, that they may not know?

CP: That I never played lacrosse as a real young child…and I never started until I was 9 playing Novice

GM:  Craig, thanks for your time.

CP:  Thank You.



  1. Another great piece about a very talented young man who obviously has the creators game running in his veins. I predict a long and storied career for Mr Point …

  2. Hi Craig
    This is your aunt Jan. Anyway I went to see you in SanJose and of course you were the best and i was very proud….

  3. HI Craig,

    Way to go!!! Great job! I haven’t seen you play yet, but can’t wait! Don’t forget to look us up when your in Calgary.

    Love your (far away).. Sister

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