This Week In Lacrosse Episode 7

Week 7 NLL recap, and a look ahead to week 8. Two weeks in a row for me wearing a Redmen jersey, so come on folks, contact me and let’s get your jersey on the show!

[livevideo id=ECD85E45B84140DD96CEEFEA51CF5BAC]



  1. Congratulations gentlemen; excellent site. Marksy your braggadocio is not. This is as good as you said it was. Ron what # was that Gaels jersey you were wering in Episode 6? Gotta admit a serious soft spot for that jersey at they were retired after that 1998 Championship season. Had a little involvement with that team as a coach. Really think those Bishop patches should be part and parcel of every Green Gael jersey anywhere at any level. Who did more for lacrosse and why should players, fans take pride in wearing the Green Gael logo?

    With respect to the rant on the officiating I think you tied in well gentlemen to the question of what does the NLL really want to be? It is an amalgamation of both field and box. What it really does is annoy both camps of purists. While I recognize that the NLL is doing an outstanding job of marketing lacrosse; lets sell the sport on its own merit. It really isn’t a referee problem it is an idenity problem. Until the NLL determines what it wants to be then this issues will continue and both box and field fans will continue to complain about the refereeing calls. I am sure my fellow officials are somewhat embarrassed when they here these comments as they reallly don’t have the influence being attributed to them.

    When the NLL determines that it can’t be all things to all people then all lacrosse fans can embrace what it is and get behind the effort to market this truly exceptional sport.

    Don’t annoy the purists on both sides at the expense of attracting other viewers; its lacrosse and let the game stand on its on merit. Just pick one!

    Both games have their merit but lets not create another game. Pick one the Creator did!

  2. It is #43 Dave. I agree the Coach Bishop Logo should be an automatic must on all Gaels Jerseys. I dont think that you ever hear us calling the refs down, ,just the “rubber “standard that the league is operating under at this moment when depending on who is in charge that night can bounce one way or another .Those guys all do a great job .

  3. Dave, very valid points. I am not and do not want to “attack” any officials as I know their job is extremely difficult. For those calling a “field game” they are calling what they know. For those calling a “box game” they are calling what they know. As stated in the video, I just want the game to survive and do well, and my opinions reflect what I believe will keep the fans coming back. I’ve been wrong before, but I hope I’m not in this case :).

    As I also stated and you clarified very nicely, the NLL needs to determine what game they want to play, but yes definitely pick one or the other..

  4. Great Webcast guys – informative, thoughtful and fulll of solid observatoins.

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