1988 Mann Cup Brooklin vs. Coquitlam

I am absolutely ecstatic to be able to present this to you.  With the permisison of Larry Power (Wamper’s Bible Of Lacrosse), I am extremely pleased to offer you this complete game 6 of the 1988 Mann Cup Championship from Iroquois Park in Whitby, Ontario.  It is 20 years ago this summer that these two teams played this series.  I had to reduce the size to be able to upload it (and therefore a little of the quality), but you can still see it and hear the commentary, which Wamper does along with Brian Lunney.  I was at this game, and it was electric for those in the stands that were Brooklin fans.

Please, if anyone out there chooses to embed this video on their site, ACKNOWLEDGE that you got it from Wamper’s BIBLE of Lacrosse.  While I am not looking to be recognized for Larry’s work, be respectful enough to the man that has done the work getting this for all to see

Bottom line, if you take anything from this site, regardless of who it came from give credit to who it belongs to.  A simple email request (as I always do with Larry), would also be appreciated! 

You might recognize a few names in here like:

Brooklin:  Derek Keenan, Terry Bullen, Wayne Colley, Ted Sawicki, Gil Nieuwendyk, Kevin van Sickle, John Fusco, Jim Meredith, Eric and Andy Perroni

Coquitlam: Barry Powless, Jim Veltman, Troy Cordingley, Bill Thomas (Mann Cup MVP) and Paul St. John. 

A very big thank you to Larry for allowing us to offer this video here.  Just click the link and you will be taken to Wamp’s site to view all 3 periods. Enjoy…..



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  1. Wamp … When did Gary Gait start playing for Brooklin … I remember He was Sensational for Brooklin … What Years did he play for the Redmen ???
    Thanks !!! 🙂

    Franco Sr.

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