This Week In Lacrosse 2008 Episode 4

Ron in his vintage New York Saints jersey and me with the Buffalo Bandits jersey. Week 4 NLL recap, a look ahead to week 5. The best part is that my co-host now has a catch phrase! Even if I did misinterpret it……

[livevideo id=C30D25EC2A504B1EA294C656E593FB22]



  1. Great episode, once again. Interesting what you said about hitting, and I am glad it was allowed more in the second half of the Rock game on Saturday. One thing I noticed at the last game I went to is how little the players really hit/check eachother in the NLL. There were many opportunities for good solid checks, but unfortunatley we mostly saw stick checks. At least three players ran past defenders to score – without being challenged.

    Could you image the NHL without hitting? They would lose fans quick then! Perhaps the NLL needs to allow this more, and the players should start doing what they’ve learned since their minor days.

  2. Woohoo! Grey Goose rocks! And Marksy, I might revoke your associate priveleges if you don’t let us all play together next season! haha

    As for the site, it will take some getting used to something new. If you have a stats counter, it would be interesting to check on the number of hits you get before and after.

    I fear that white writing on a black blackground might impede readability (that’s the graphic designer in me!) Of course, being that the main copy is still black on a white background, it might offset that factor. I have always been a fan of the monochromatic design, so I personally like the colours.

  3. Ronnie thanks for tha shout out… also i was wondering if we can sell stuff on this show… i hope an old autographed ball signed by the “voice of the gales” i was wondering if anyone was interested in taking it off my hands… whats the good word man? hows life treating you?

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