This Week In Lacrosse 2008 Episode 3

Well here we are again, recapping last week’s light schedule and looking ahead ot this weekend which actually starts tonight in Portland.

[livevideo id=80E2DFF58F8D451DAFC813DB47A76E78]



  1. Great job guys!!!

  2. Minnesota isn’t a good team. Get a clue buddy. They play a style of lacrosse the Rock only wish they could pull off. Why are they not a good team? If you’re going to make a statement like that you might want to mack it up.

  3. LOL, TH, I was wondering how that comment would go over. Just so you know, that was Ron’s opinion. All teams in the NLL are good, and one that is 2-0 after two games, is good.

    Remember, Ron works for the team that Minnesota is 2-0 against so he harbours a little anger right now 🙂

  4. win or not, the rock looked bad on satuday night. minnesota wins again, against the defending champs! hopefully your boy was being sarcastic, becasue the swarm look like the team to beat in the east. maybe the worst two periods of lacrosse the rock have ever played on saturday. hopefully it’s mentioned in your video this week.

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