This Week In Lacrosse 2008 Episode 2

Well we are another week older and another week stronger. A big thanks to Ron Messer for joining me this week, and hopefully he will be a regular with me discussing lacrosse over the course of the NLL and Summer seasons.  This week includes a recap of the Week 3 action in the NLL, along with discussion on the player movement.  Best of all, we throw out our “Fearless Predictions” for the 2008 season.

[livevideo id=7EE085DFA1EC44F1AD983E988AD5DA88]



  1. yes, there was no o/.d by the wings. this was like 1990 mill styled run up the floor but as much as there was east-west play, philly showed an east-west game where crosbie was moving the ball across the floor upsetting the chicago defensive set.
    philly has a number of transition players – snider, christmas, van beek – but even the rookies like pat heim & jimmy borell were into it. the best part about playing full-floor is the other guy’s defense never gets a chance to get its coverage right. you creatre mismatches, you exploit them, its a wonderful thing.

  2. Hey Doug

    Thanks for the additional comments and insight. I wonder if you could email me at:


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